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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Don Carlo, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Bless em.

    My better half has to deal with three languages on daily basis and it messes her pretty little head right up.

    She speaks Thai to her Mother and all her Asian cronnies, she speaks German at work and of course English to me. Now, the Thai and German she speaks fluently but I would say her English is at about 85% which gives me a constant source of amusement. Not as much as it used to because her English keeps improving but here is two of her good ones from yesterday;

    "Honey, I've put the wet clothes in the trumble driver!"

    "If I get hungry later I will just **** a pizza in the oven!"

    There must be good few of you married to foreigners who keep destroying the English Language?

    Do tell!
  2. Plenty of English wives (and soldiers for that matter) who destroy the English Language, let alone any foreign types.
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  3. Mines from deepest Arkansas & I simply do not have a ****ing clue what shes going on about at times.

  4. mine can barely speak english, she's frm oxford. Consider yourself lucky. Does she indulge you by loving long time whilst whispering filthy german phrases picked up at the local kraut S&M club?
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  5. Haha.

    I remeber when we first got married the movie "Full Metal Jacket" was on the telly. She thought the bit with the Vietnamese hooker was funny as ****. For ages afterwards she was giving it "Me love you long time, five dollar sucky sucky!"

    Great it was! I will need to make her watch that again!
  6. The wife now speaks pretty good english, but yes, her destruction of the english language was often the source of hilarity in the early days.
  7. Probably for the best.
  8. Mine's from Liverpool, she destroys the english language with every utterance from her lovely mouth.
  9. Mine loves to rub my nose in the fact her IELTS score was higher than my practice one.

    She still can't tell the difference between 'hope' and 'wish' so the possibilities for creative misunderstandings are enormous.

    If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    She speaks English better than me. Being British, I can't speak her language, haven't bothered learning, but I do draw the line at shouting loudly to compensate.
  11. 1BW Wives' Club supper, Hong Kong, circa 1986. Mrs CO is asked by the Belizian "wife of" next to her to "pass the ****in' salt". Well, its how her Jock spoke to her and she thought it was the "correct" way to spikka da Inglish....
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  12. sample please.
  13. "I hope you would stop doing that."

    If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
  14. Is that her in your avatar? Or would that be wishful thinking on your part?
  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Nah, thats not her. The avatar is a porn star/former (or maybe current, depends on how rich the boyfriend is) hooker from Pattaya called Kip.