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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bibo_boy, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. I know its waltish..... BUT hang in there......!

    I'm having a debate with someone and I'll fall on my sword if I'm wrong?

    Can anyone quote the regs re. Foreign Wings on uniform?

    Do you HAVE to have passed British Jumps course to wear them or not?

    Aways thought that it was waltish but legal with C/O's permission?

    I'm sure I've seen many a winged up wanna-be on many a course I've been on? (Including Flying Fany!)
  2. It's all "Hearsay" when it comes to these rules and regulation's, Your CO's got more important things to do than give out his permission for this sort of trivia.

    Do what I have done for the past few years and subscribe to "Foreign Wings" monthly. You get a different set of wings every month for your £2.50 and inside the mag is all you need to know about the country of origin, aircraft, DZ and it even has a real handy bit at the back just in case some "smart Alec" calls your bluff it gives you all the answers to his awkward questions.

    Ive also picked a fair few sets up from forces favourite "E Bay" this causes a huge wow factor at the start of the month when all the other subscribers to "Foreign Wings" parade with there "Brevelle" of the month and I have a different set fitted. "E Bay" also do some fabulous foreign wings certificates that will fill those blank spaces on your bedroom wall between your Unit Fire NCO's certificate and Regimental Water Duties Course completion chit. I insist that "E Bay" sellers write a short piece about wings so I can quote them to any disbelivers.

    What with back to back deployments and defence cut's there just isn't the opportunity that was available in the past to complete foreign jumps courses so you have to use your initative.

    So in a nutshell get down to your local Newsagents and subscribe to "Foreign Wings" mag (A Marshall Cavendish Publication).
    Then stick as many sets of foreign wings on all your shirts and combat jackets (Dont forget your "Shandy Suit" (No 2 Dress) and dressing gown).

    You will instantly become the talking/focal point and centre of attraction at your Unit.

    If anyone queries your decorations refer them to the Arrse dress code on foreign wings......


    Ps Im currently wearing my Brunei "Kai Tai"wings which I acquired/earned at the back fence of Sitang Camp.
  3. :D :D :D

    Very good!

    T C
  4. Im sick of this Para shoite
    Do the course................ foreign or not
    British Para wings complete P Coy wear the wings simple as
    Foreign wings complete course were them on the right breast

    CO's permission required for foreign jump wings one set only

    Who gives a fvck if you pass P coy or not to wear your wings whatever nationality

    IF You jump out of a plane in a stick that takes bottle and yeh I have been there done it and done free fall as well so what

    I know guys who failed P coy because they cannot stand hieghts but they could still run the arrse of the cadre

    Just because you passed P coy it doesnt make you the best soldier or the best fighter

    Dont get me wrong P Coy is a test of endurance and fitness and it binds men to a common brotherhood it does also weed out the strong from the weak its not meant to easy its for men

    For the record I havent passed P Coy I didnt do the course but I have jumped out of planes I have done free fall and static. I have run for miles and still do,I am 37 by the way ... I also train to fight and still do if you think Im a puff come and visit me...PM if you want if i have upset you ...I will give you my address.

    You are only as good as you think you are in your own mind........ but be prepared to be proved wrong

    Do the whatever course wear whatever the badge its your life its your career..... but dont exaggerate be yourself

  5. Wifebeater + happy hour = fighting talk. :lol:
  6. [​IMG]

    I knew a guy who had those "wings", wore them on a para smock and everything, didn't actually have any proper jump wings but he still wore then. Aprently he had to abseil from a helo to get them

    I also remember meeting a General (well Lt Gen or Maj Gen) who proudly wore yank jump wings without any brit wings, but then again he was a General and I wasn't going to pull him up
  7. Harry.... quality!!!! :lol:

    scousemech.... totally agree with you also.

    I didn't want to start a walt debate......

    Just wanted to know what the law was.... thats it..?

    (P.S. yes, I've served with an Airborne unit before anyone asks......)
  8. Why do you let it bother you? Why would you think anyone thinks you are a puff for not doing P Company? It seems a little strange that you have written such as post.

  9. TheCROW wrote:
    The TA P Coy is open to anybody but the wings course is only for people in Airborne units, well thats what i have been told, I have p coy in 11 days, wish me luck!

    Are you sure of that date? I'm on next TA P-Coy and it's not in 11 days?

    Didnt you write the above in bold in reply to TheCROW just few days ago? I'm confused thats all, couldnt care less if you are in the brotherhood or not. They have girls in 16AA as well. 8O
  10. Von..... They decided to move the P-Coy a week forward without telling anyone!!!!!!

    I hope they keep Crow's course on the same date!!!!!

    I find it strange that the Army think that moving a TA course last minute won't be a problem?

    I have a bad enough relationship with my employer re. TA as it is.... without asking them if i can change vacation dates at no notice.

    VON.... u have mail
  11. Spot on Sandman I had a few last night snarling extra cold watching England :lol:
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Bibo - stop spouting shoite!

    That date has been fixed since at least the start of the 4 Para cadre (3 months). Your unit may have made a cods of it, or maybe you have just been outed as a walt!

    All this chat about "i've served with an airborne unit".....I served with an armoured unit before, but never lead people to believe I am a tanky...before anyone asks!

  13. I'll stop now, to let you have a go? 8O

    Don't know why i'm telling you but my TA PPS course date I was given was 1200 hrs Sunday 5th March to 1400 hrs Saturday 11th March.

    I'm not sure who is wrong? But these are the dates on my Joining Instructions?

    I later found out that the course had "moved" to this week?
  14. As far as I am aware
    P-Coy = To join the Para's or become Para attached.
    Wings course = Just do the course.

    Speaking here as a Civvy with many friends/family in Para's/Forces in general so I may be wrong but that is my understanding.

    So as far as I am concerned it makes no difference. If you are brave enough to throw yourself out of a perfectly good aircraft then wear whatever wings you qualify for with pride.
  15. FFS :roll:

    A bite I think :x