Foreign Wings on SD

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mule, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. Recently I was on a parade and I saw a Lt Col wearing a set of Dutch wings on the opposite side to his medals whilst in SD. I always thought it was not allowed on SD, only on smocks.

    J.D. Awesome ballooning picture the old MK4 as well “Up 800 4 men jumping”
  2. It always used to be on smock order only though a few blokes used to put them on No 1's when they got married. I did see an RRF Colonel many a year ago wearing Dutch wings with no British wings which used to be a big no no.
  3. Thanks J.D. I wasn’t going to tell him just thought what a Walt.
  4. We were ordered to wear German Para wings on our No2s in Berlin in the 70's, once qualified. I believe it was a PR thing as they had to be removed once we returned to the Shot.

    Possibly the same thing in this case?
  5. We had a chef that had his wings up (foreign) on his chefs whites.

  6. Are you sure that wasnt a gravy stain?
  7. On combats if qualified why not - but use the search function - this has been chewed through tonnes of times!!!
  8. Dont worry about it!!!....a old boss of mine wore French Para wings for several years ....metal type......he thought the badge was the EFMB......Expert Field Medical Badge septic medic badge.....AND HE WAS A DOCTOR!!!!
  9. i wore foregin wings on my No1s when i got married but normally i just wore them on my smock , ive also seen a couple of staff officers wearing foregin wings on their No2 dress , i dont see a problem with wearing foregin wings on any dress as long as you have earned them , the yanks only wear them on their blues not their combats , i dont agree with wearing foregin wings when you dont have british wings though (ie the dutch ones because they look shit anyway ) we had an LI bloke with us when i was working on the staff at RAPA and he was wearing Dutch wings on a Para smock and he didnt have british wings condsidering most of the guys that worked there were para trained and were wearing foregin wings he got a right monk on when he was told to take them off , as i think queens regs state you can only wear them if you are para trained
  10. I believe on dress regs you can only wear them on your smock.
    RSM 4 PARA has told all at his locations to take them off their 95 shirts.
  11. The Dutch jump course and thus the Dutch wings can be earnt by anybody willing to pay for them at the Paracentrum Texel in Holland.

    5 jumps and they are yours with the set of cloth wings included....

  12. defeats the point though doesn't it.

    you have to earn the right to be a british military parachutist first and foremost.

    paying for military wings is, in my humble opinion, the epitome of hattness.

  13. Agreed; most foreigners I have seen with the Dutch wings had been found medically unfit (eyesight most of the time) for para training in their own country; they just wanted to show they still had what it takes to jump from an airplane...

    Any way, the problem is different in the UK since the jump phase must be seen as a relaxing period after P company...
  14. My bold - not this c/s! You can be a British military parachutist, jump from the Dutch aircraft using a Dutch parachute onto Arnhem as a number of us did last September and be awarded your Dutch wings.
  15. So did i for the 50th anniversary in 1994-never wore em though...