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Foreign Weapons

Discussion in 'RLC' started by ieatworms, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Do any ATs out there have any literature that would help to identify foreign weapons and munitions that are likely to be found in Iraq?
  2. Ezell - "Small Arms of the World" for firearms, Barnes "Cartridges of the World" for ammunition will cover small arms worldwide...

    The Septics have some software you can download which is quite useful for the more common larger natures, but all of this is available to anyone who needs it from "the dark side" or via SATO staff.

    Whuffo you ask?
  3. Janes do a book yearly on small arms very comprehensive as well
  4. [quote="HE117]Whuffo you ask?[/quote]

    Thanks for the advice, im TA going to Iraq in January and wanted to get a heads up!
  5. Lots of stuff in the Defence Recognition Journal, but you might need to spend some time trawling through copies to build a decent picture. There was a series of picture articles last year, or the year before, dealing with mines, for example.

    BTW, is there a link to the Spam software?
  6. Thanks for the advice, im TA going to Iraq in January and wanted to get a heads up![/quote]

    Speak to your Trg Offr...8)
  7. Ok,

    Try here

    You do have to accept a security certificate so if you are trying from a work PC the browser settings may not allow you to do so. Works fine from home.