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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chrisg46, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I am not sure of the best forum for this one, so mods, feel free to move...

    some years ago, on one of my battalions first tours to a sandy place, a captured AKM and SKS were brought back to the UK. However, both weapons had to be well and truly deactivated, with all the working parts being welded shut, i think even the safety catch now cannot be moved.

    To me, this strikes me as being a waste of resources. Captured foreign weapons could be used as training aids to familiarise troops with the preferred weapons of our enemies. Surely we have captured enough so allow a respectable ratio at each unit e.g. a section's worth at a company location etc. If they were stored in armouries, with the same safeguards for our own weapons then what kind of legal issue would there be?
  2. My Father told me that they took loads of Argie FN rifles when the Falklands was over and they were used in Swimming tests etc.
  3. I think its got something to do with them being classed as trophys of war, saying that, I was in a TAC once and theirs didnt look deactivated and was on the wall behind the bar, they all seemed very good at stripping it blindfolded, so they must of had it for a while!
  4. If your unit can justify it then foreign weapons are available as training aids.

    Both firing and non firing can be held.
  5. When I was at ATR Winchester in 2002, there was at least 1 AK in the armoury.
    Was used out on the Training Areas too, Heartbreak Ridge Stylee.
    Must of been an AK74 as it was used to fire blanks etc by simulated enemy.

    Is it just the TA don't have them?
  6. And on P Coy in Aldershot during the eighties.
  7. Couple of AKs in a TA armoury I know of.
  8. I mentioned in another thread the AKM I brought back from Boz. It's now in the armoury and has been (rather brutally) deactivated.

    What surprised me was that it joined several other AKs and an RPG on the shelves, purloined from other ops.

    Pilgrim and various other companies who teach journos about 'hostile environments' hand AKs around so people can see what they're like. I'm not sure why they go through this pointless routine. It's pretty obvious what they're like, imho.

    Personal and controversial opinion: I wish they'd at least demonstrate on a range weapons like the excellent FAMAS so we can compare them to the almost equally excellent A2.
  9. And we used a load of their sh1te ammo for training too!