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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by PassingBells, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. Now that Walt Spotting has become the official Arrse sport, together with Mong Slapping and Chav Baiting, I was wondering about the international version of the game.

    I have an American down my local who claims to be a Green Beret. Now if he clamed to be UKSF, I could probably suss him out. However I only have limited experience with US forces at all let alone SF. Do they even have a boat house at (is it?) Ft. Bragg?

    My clues so far:
    - Built like someone who doesn't take excercise for a living,
    - Claims to have served in SE Asia & S America,
    - Currently doing something with the FBI.

    Help please.
  2. If he really has done all this stuff, he wouldn't feel the need to go bragging about it, surely?
  3. Whereabouts is he claiming this. Norwich?

    Is he a spam?
  4. Based out of New York.
  5. Is it an offence to walt it as a federal officer?

    Fat or Skinny...

    Take him for a run and see if he dies, oh in fact that might mean he is genuine US Army.
  6. Dear Passing Bells,

    Tell him how very interesting and then ask him for more details, all the while making copious notes.
    Then tell him that you just happen to be a friend of Lt Col Mark Harrington (or make up some name yourself) who's been in for donkey's and happens to command a Green Beret unit and that you'll ask said officer about all this at the earliest opportunity. Because you find it so interesting.
    I had one of these saddos telling me all sorts of things until I used this ploy. It's amazing the speed at which they dissapear.

  7. Ask him about the million dollar shi##er at camp Mckall, which is the colorful description of the wash house / latrene. Candidates at selection also must handwash their uniforms in big ol' sinks on the outside of said shi##er , the location of the small AAFES/Px is right across from the chowhall.

    That ought to be enough to sink him.
  8. Ask him specific about when/where he served. If he says he fought in Vietnam in the 80's, or was involved in secret missions but that his training records where destroyed, then there is a good chance he is a walt. This link has some advice about exposing
    Spam walts, although it is geared toward the SEALs: These guys may be able to help with Army SF:
  9. Ask him about "Petticuts" - if he can't tell you about this, then he probably hasn't served in US Army SOF.
  10. The lads at could probably be your best bet for appropriate questions.

  11. aww come on! let them have their fun!

    i know ill give people the 1000 yard stare when i say "yeah, i went to the 'Stan, man" (kazakhstan, exercise)

    and the ladies will swoon, and the beer will flow and ill ave an 'ardon |-----------------------------------------------| that big!

  12. There was a walt online the other eve who had me rocking with mirth when he informed me that;
    A; he was with RLC....and based in Berlin.
    B; i asked him what his BFPO was there, and he replied, whats 1 of those?

    Yes seriously, well what could i do but lead him up the garden path before tripping him up at the front door?
  13. One simple question is to ask his specialty and MOS. It should be 18 series like 18E, 18C, 18B, 18D, etc., each corresponding to engineer, commo, weapons, etc. Ask what SFAS stands for (SF Assessment and Selection).

    He should know where Camp Mackall is outside of Ft. Bragg, NC. Also ask which SF Group he was assigned to. These ought to be a start.
  14. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Send me a PM with his full name, Special Forces Group(s) that he served in MOS, Rank and dates served in SF, as well as total time in service. (Or what ever data you can get and I'll check it out.)

    Sadly, no boat House at Ft. Bragg, but there is a lake.. Mott Lake, were lots of demonstrations are put on by SF.

    Most people who served in Vietnam were either in the 1st SFG(A) or more likely the 5th SFG(A). Most people who served in South American were stationed in Panama with the 8th SFG(A)

    Ft. Bragg, NC is the home of the US Special Forces and the Airborne,:,_North_Carolina

    You also might ask him about the Flash he wore on his Beret.
  15. Ask him what medals he earned while "over there." Then post them on Arrse for confirmation. If he says a posthumous Medal of Honor, then he is a fecking walt.

    That or ask ask him who his CG was last year he served then do a google search. If the name does not match put a pistol to his head and gently squeeze the trigger....