Foreign view on BBC "news" values

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, May 29, 2006.

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  1. That 'desertion' story (exactly the right word as in 'fairy') from the BBC is outed in America.
  2. L0L pretty much concise and to the Point, that the BBC need’s new researchers, to save them putting both feet well and truly in their own mouth.

    At the end of the day liberal tree hugging leftie media types will always, always create news that panders, to their fellow counterparts all over the country, and the BBC is tapping into all that, the people that listen to the BBC, are generally the same people who can saunter down to London for a wee demo against the War, or take the day off from smoking Hash, for a cheeky wee riot against the poll tax, which they are not even going to pay anyway.

    This is all happening while the rest of us who are actually affected by these events, are working our arrse’s off, trying to make some of the dubious decisions this government makes work and seem less bitter to those who are on the business end of them.

    FCUK The BBC. Sky news is magic and I love the, top story video selection, by the time I have watched the same story for the 5th time I look over see its getting right on Mrs Terror’s tits, then light the fuse by asking her for a brew. :)
  3. I've just had a quick shufti on the BBC News site and it would seem that the story has been pulled from the direct links - its still there if you search for it. Being a bank holiday, I'd have expected this story to have hung about a bit longer.

    Wonder if the Beeb will be issuing an apology?
  4. I think there are no UK News agencies, who are either sympathetic or pro UK Forces, all they are interested in, is getting the clearest pictures/video images for viewers, and show them the negative aspects of Iraq and not the positive, even if these are limited.
    They are not interested in reporting what is going right, only what is going wrong.

    The hard and positive work achieved by those lads from the QDG’s who have made the ultimate sacrifice, are sure to be undermined by news agencies, when the first words they utter, when talking to there Iraq current affairs expert is, More Soldiers dead…. Is it time to pull them out?…. Have they lost a grip on the situation?…… What will their moral be like?

    Every report you see starts and ends with those well thought out questions….
  5. Had a look at a few of those links and the following caught my eye.

    So is this MP a buffoon or is there something we are not being told?
  6. ITV is better!! Showing Zulu right now

  7. You'd still be paying through the nose if we hadn't got rid of it for you (along with it's originator, Thatcher) - so I think a little gratitude is in order.

  8. Oh okay well done. :?
  9. Now look carefully at the screenshot....


    See the 'Referring URL' near the bottom... :D

    Is the Blogger one of us?
  10. Good spot Awol, completely missed that when I looked at it.
  11. daz

    daz LE

    and were are not playing though the bloody nose with the council tax?, funny, i must remember to be more grateful about the 10% per year (excluding election years) rises
  12. This guy?
  13. John McDonnell said

    John McDonnell and also said

    Obviously a headline chasing F"%£wit.

    Thats what British news is about sensationalism and advertising to the rest of the world what muppets the British public vote in.
  14. For all Labour's other scams, lies, deceptions, frauds and treachery, with the Council Tax, we're not paying an unduly high amount. With the Poll Tax (euphemistically known as the 'community charge') we were doing Thatcher's dirty work, whereby the 'less affluent' - or those less able to pay - stepped in to pay the shortfall created by lowering the threshold for the rich. Is it any wonder there were riots in the street? The alternative is fairer all round. Wouldn't you agree?