Foreign Speeding Tickets?

I was unfortunate (or perhaps careless would be a better word) enough to be blitzed by speed cameras in both Germany and Holland last week (within the space of an hour!). In neither case was I going particularly fast (under 100 km/h and I think the limit was perhaps 80).

What are Germany and Holland like for chasing speeding offenders who live in other countries?

If I do get tickets, does anyone know the likely size of the fines?

Watch out for the Dutch, they never forget if they think you owe them money.

I once had an official visitor arrive at AMS, as soon as he reached passport control the police asked him for a fairly large amount of money. It was the speeding fine from thje camera on his last trip that he had not paid.
Mr_Deputy said:
In those 6 years the French got me twice using hand-held cameras and annoying tw4ts on motorbikes. Once was fair enough and I should have known they were there, did subconsciously I think but had really bad flu and was really out of it that day. Second was really unfair - doing reasonable speed and keeping up with traffic. They should have been inside Paris fighting rioters not on the motorway nicking decent people - told them as much as well.
Ah, I see. You were in the wrong and it was their fault and very 'unfair'. Either you were fit enough to concentrate on your driving, or you shouldn't have been on the road, not expect it to be an excuse.

Do the crime, do the time. You should at least be man enough to put your 'hands up' and say you messed up and got caught.
Inf/MP said:
Watch out for the Dutch, they never forget if they think you owe them money.
And in both Holland and France, if you can't pay the fine they will confiscate your car and auction it off to cover costs. You get the change but it doesn't matter to them if they get a fraction of it's value. At least they let you bid for your own car if you can get to the auction.


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Foreign speeding tickets? They let anything in to the country these days!

got flashed a few times in holland, however was more of the "just been over the speed limit" than actually canning it. This was about 3 years ago and have had no follows since

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