Foreign speeding adverts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. Very good, however its not speed that is the problem its bad driving and knowing the right speed for the conditions. all the drivers in the clip were bad drivers.
  2. Sure is more effective, a very much striking clip.
  3. Quite a few of those clips are from the DoE shown in NI. They certainly don't fuck about on the niceties and it certainly gets the message across.
  4. Speed is the problem aswell as driving quality and failure to pay attention.

    Good drivers drive "To the system of car control". Alot of problems are caused because people fail to knock the speed off before a hazard and because they are to keen to get their speed back up.

    Although I do agree too many people think they are good drivers. You can be the best driver in the world but if you don't drive with the capability of the car, road conditions and your own limited ability in mind. Its only a matter of time before a near miss becomes a fatal accident.

    Allowing yourself to slip into "Drive mode" where you go through three sets of lights on your way into work but don't remember any of it is one of the most dangerous things people can do. As out of all of the things your mind might pay attention to in that memory lapse (Traffic lights, other cars, radio) vehicle speed is often forgotten.
  5. Bad drivers drive at the wrong speed.
  6. Very true. In most areas the speed limit is a good guideline. On the motorways however I quite often disagree.

  7. Sadly mate ads like that are few and far between. We seem to have the same PC ******* here that you lot are having trouble with.
  8. Don't watch TV much but if I did, I'd appreciate that being shown every couple of weeks.
  9. Speed certainly is a problem: the faster you're going, the shorter your reaction time and the longer it will take you to slow down. That's just basic physics.

    The problem is that the road safety campaigns give an over-simplistic message that speeding is the only problem, whereas it isn't. Poor hazard awareness, inattentiveness, lack of consideration for the prevailing conditions and a host of other reasons contribute towards accidents, as well as excessive speed.

    Unfortunately, until we stop focussing on the moronic "speed kills" slogans, and improve driver training and police enforcement of careless driving and driving without due care and attention, we won't see much of an improvement.

    If you're a bad driver, driving 1mph under an arbitrary speed limit doesn't make you safer than a careful driver travelling at 1mph over it.
  10. Films like that should be shown as part of the driving curriculum ... certainly made me whince!
  11. Got shown one of the video clips along with some pretty graphic aftermath pictures by the master driver of 51Bde yesterday during his drink drive/speeding lecture yesterday
  12. All very good. But why stick a 'don't use your mobile when crossing the road' clip in the middle of a 'speeding' compilation?