Foreign soldiers whove served

Not wanting to intrude at all but I'm looking to talk to anyone from another country who has served in the forces in recent years, even if you don't anymore.
The story is for a piece in the Sunday Times which is just looking at how the number of commonwealth citizens and soldiers serving in the forces has increased in recent years, which hasn't done the rugby team any harm.

If anyone from Fiji/Aus/NZ/Jamaica/SA or anywhere else might be prepared to have a quick chat about their experiences serving in the armed forces It'd be really helpful, just drop me a PM or e-mail


So are you ruling out the Micks, then? :D :D :D

Spanish_Dave said:
I was born in BMH Hanover does that count
So how come you're not called "Hanover_Dave"? :D :D :D

Bee_Gee. said:
Im Israeli by birth.
Don't worry too much about it, Bee_Gee. You've still got your muckers on ARRSE. :D


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