Foreign Soldiers Attending P Coy / PTS Para Course

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Kilbride_Killer, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. I am serving in the Irish Army.

    I'm interested to know if it is possible for a foreign soldier to attend P Coy and or the Parachute Course at No. 1 PTS. Failing that is there any possibilities of making a jump there?
  2. Phone 16 Air Assault Bde HQ in Colchester they will tell you how to do it
  3. Thanks. Does anyone know of foreigners doing this?
  4. Yes, but like I said write to them you asked for an answer and I gave it to you, just write to them, but you will have to pay unless their is a like for like swop to yr mob
  5. I would guess its unlikely to happen unless you are on a formal exchange.

    We had American, Canadian and Aussie exchange officers and SNCO's who would do a stint in Depot as part of the exchange but this was aimed at giving them an insight into the training methods etc. They might tag along on P Coy to view the events but I don't recall any of them actually having done it. Bear in mind they had already gone through their own countries training some time before, most i.e. the yanks and Canucks had their 'Ranger Tabs' up so they were not really there to be beasted to feck.

    That said I think a company of yank Airborne on exchange a couple of years back were put through the P Coy events but again more to give them a taste of the training.

    ........I'm also well out of date so reserve my right to deny all of the above should it prove to be complete bollox :wink: