Foreign recipients of British gallantry awards?

Seeing the bit on the Camp Bastion hospital being taken over by the Danes, and after going through the Finnish Defence Forces site on Finnish Generals, I began wondering whether any foreigners have earned a British gallantry award in the A Land or Iraq?

I do remember seeing an article about an USMC helo pilot (on exchange program with the Brit Army Air Corps, IIRC) receiving a DFC, but other than that, I can't remember other Johnny Foreigners getting similar awards.

As an aside, the first three Crosses of Liberty, plus a Medal of Liberty - basically the same award for ORs - for wartime service were issued to Finnish ISAF troopers a few years ago, and some of our generals have decidedly odd foreign decorations!

DFC; Major William D. Chesarek Jr., United States Marine Corps; Lynx pilot; 2006 (15 December 2006[18])
and Captain Scott Watkins, Australian Army Aviation; Lynx co-pilot, attached Army Air Corps; 2004/2005 (9 September 2005[19]).

These seem to be the only ones post 2001, but feel free to check wiki yourself; search words gallantry awards.

Other than the gallantry bits, it is customary to award other nationals that acted in support of a particular nation's operations the campaign medal, if they requirements are met. For instance a number of Norwegians were awarded the British Gulf War medal for support to UK forces during Desert Shield and Desert Storm (Op Granby). Maybe your Finnish colleagues have similar and Finland allows her soldiers to wear foreign medals and decorations.

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