Foreign Prisoners moved from Open Prison

Its not rocket science is it! My kids could have worked that one out. I've never quite grasped the concept of an "open" prison. 8O
Our entire country has been transformed into the worlds biggest open prison thanks to Bliar and his cohorts. I'm just relieved he's tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime... I'd dread to think what would happen if he ever went soft on it!
11 over a period of four weeks- that averages at about 3 a week, unless they actually all did a bunk on the same day ( which wouldn't surprise me). The issue I have is that Ford has marginally less security than your average Butlins holiday camp and that the irony is that the master criminal and menace to decent folk, Jeffrey Archer, was considered too much of public enemy to go to Ford. Am I being cynical or is this a case of typical Labour spitefulness in putting a relatively minor criminal- a perjuror ( oh no he was a titled TORY perjeror that makes all the difference) in a maximum security prison, while a group that have already been identified as likely to have a motive to do a bunk are placed in a facility that does exactly that; facilitates their escape into society.
If the first group did escape in, say three in the first week, why didn't the alarm bells ring and someone think that maybe some more might be inclined to go for a long walk?
Their eyes are blinded by their own lies Pikey. Any normal person can see the folly of whats being allowed to happen in our country. Every rape, every murder every crime that is committed by these criminals can be laid firmly at the door of Number 10.
I used to live only a few miles from there, and passed through the prison on my way to work (Littlehampton marina). The number of times that the prisoners 'absconded from there alone was greater than the number who excaped nationally. Something to do with it being an open prison where they let them home on weekends they havn't escaped, but have failed to return.

They inmates/customers/guests were going to visit relatives in Brighton, lots of them all related to the same older woman in one large house in Brighton, full of younger women. No one at that time was checking where they were going for their weekends off.

You'll notice that the article states "No foreign prisoners had absconded from other open prisons since May 1st" so how many have absconded, foreign or British?
Private_Pike said:
Here's the link from Sky News. The worrying thing is my kids go to school about a mile from the prison at Ford and it hasn't been publicised in this neck of the woods.,,30000-1222916,00.html
Don't panic Private Pike. This is nothing to do with the (exaggerated) danger of foreign prisoners, and everything to do with getting the headlines under control. Because the media focus is on all things Home Office, there's a massive tax-payer funded window-dressing exercise under way; and if John Reid eventually has it in him to put up nicely-ironed, clean curtains, the press hounds will lose the scent and move on to something else.
Frenchie, for once I can agree with you. This little gem is in todays Torygraph and would indicate that the Home Office are indeed closing the stable door after the horse has bolted( or should that be prison door after the prisoners have bolted?)

"The operation to seal off the accommodation blocks at the prison began at about 5am with Sussex police closing off nearby roads and patrolling the perimeter with dogs.

Almost 500 prison officers, some in riot gear and brought in from Doncaster, Maidstone and Coldingley in Surrey, moved into the 540-inmate jail to begin rounding up the foreign inmates.

"We got called out here by the Prison Service at the last minute because the Home Office is panicking," said a police source. "It has had a stream of disasters and it doesn't want another one.

"We know they are just covering their backs and we are annoyed about it."

A prison officer said: "Someone at the Home Office must really have the hump with all these foreign prisoners escaping. They must have decided enough was enough.

"It makes you wonder, though, why a drugs dealer facing deportation was sent here for the last few weeks of his sentence in the first place."

"It was a fair bet that, even before the clampdown, he was going to do a runner."

As the operation began, the prison officers, carrying shields and long batons, moved in to the accommodation area, lining the perimeter fence, as the process began of separating the foreign prisoners from British nationals.

By the afternoon, all 141 foreigners had been moved in a fleet of vans.

"They will be fully and rigorously risk assessed before any decision is made on the level of security that they require", said a statement from the Home Office.

"This operation is not being repeated in any other open prison and there are no plans to do so.

"There has been no indication of a higher rate of absconds by foreign national prisoners at any other open prison. We are keeping this situation under constant review."

Mr Herbert called on Mr Reid to tighten the regime at Ford. "It's obviously unacceptable that any offenders are leaving but I am particularly concerned about foreign nationals," he said.

"The Home Office is in complete chaos and the whole system needs overhauling."

Daily Telegraph online.

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