Foreign police plan attacked


War Hero

Government proposals to recruit foreigners to head the UK's police forces have been severely criticised.
A consultation document seen by the BBC suggests senior foreign officers should be considered for new chief constable posts.

What the bloody hell is going on!!!
We're already ruled over by foreigners, we might as well be policed by them  :-/

BLiar has no concept of what it is to be British, so no great surprise in this announcement. A world gone mad......  :mad:
Oh I don't know,

Seen the way the Indian And Pakistani Police chiefs carry on, when they need to deal with crime soonest.

Not sure our bobbies will want to carry a 4' bamboo beating stick, but some of their other methods might be good for petty crime  ;D

Mr Happy

I'm sure if you live in parts of Wales or Scotland you already do get ruled over by a foreigner...

Seems a peculiar statement but here's another, I don't think we have the best police in the world.  Army soldiers yes, Navy seamen probably, RAF chaps probably, Firemen yes (but not 40% better than anyone else guys...), Ambi guys yes but Cops... no.

Perhaps a little change at the top, a few less funny handshakes and a little wake up call down the line might be beneficial.


I don't think we have the best police in the world.  
Have to disagree with you stongly here.
I was a policemans wife for many years......

( I'm an expert police wife woopert (17 years) not ignorant on the subject and it's all true) :p

.....and am amazed at our police men and women.
They are hard working, professional and deal with whatever comes their way...and it's mostly crap.

Crap job..crap pay...crap public attitudes...crap leadership...crap shifts...crap press..crap all round...yet we do still (in my opinion) have the most professional Police in the world working under extreme pressures.



most i see are fat how they gonna arrest criminals if they cant keep up with them???????? i aint saying all are but i rekon 2/3rds of those ive seen are. perhaps if they were in better shape they wouldnt be so stressed u know healthy body healthy mind