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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Random_Task, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. I've seen a fair few foreign wings on various indviduals in the not so dim and distant past, just wondering what's the most bizzare/unusual/naff course anyones ever done jumps wise?

    In a nutshell,share your foreign wings experiences!

    (brown wings stories also accepted, mortar platoons need not apply)
  2. Doing "friendship" jumps with AMF, some guys were sent off to jump with the IT Bty. They were taken up in a UH1 to about 300 ft and asked to lob out. Stick leader explains that he doesn't think the helo has climbed far enough for safe jump. Italian PJI waves hands around, blathers in pidgin English presumably about meters versus feet and then promptly jumps out to demonstrate it is in fact perfectly safe... His chute was only half opened when he hit the deck. Italian wings course was not completed that year!!
  3. I'd guess friendship jumps are the route one to getting a foreign set up then?
  4. I did the Dutch course at Texel with the Association of British Military Parachutists. You earn both Dutch wings, and a civil license. To earn the civil license, you have to pack your own chutes, none of this 'rigger' nonsense.

    The very first jump was packed by the person before you after he did his last jump. It was on my back and I was in line to get on board the airplane when they pulled me out of line in the last-minute check for an improperly packed 'chute.

    Getting me to go didn't take much convincing.

    D: Nick! Nick! I've got great news!
    N: What's that then?
    D: Do you want to go parachuting!?
    N: Feck off! (I'm rather adverse to heights. Won't go near a roller coaster or ferris wheel)
    D: But you get jump wings for your uniform!
    N: I'm listening....

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  5. Every year! I got German, Canadian and US wings. The German ones were dead easy because they brought a CH53 with them and just bunged it full of blokes. Funnily enough nobody was interested in Belgian wings. Throughout the eighties they had the highest casualty rate in NATO!

    A few people "bought" their Dutch wings but as there is no Dutch military paracuting element its a bit pants...sorry California Tanker, no slight intended in particular!
  6. I've noticed there are a lot of "long weekend"/weeklong courses one can go on with say EMPA, (European Military Parachuting Assoc.)and get all sorts of wings, from all over the world.
  7. Did "Malasian Rangers" para wings on a Suman Warrior Ex long, long ago. Was supposed to be a preceding "jungle training course" as part of the selection, but the Malays soon binned that when it turned out that our party already had more jungle warfare instructors than the whole of their army.... Jump consisted of a lob onto a paddy field/jungle clearing from a DH Caribou (?) aircraft, which had a long narrow tail ramp suitable for single-stick. A Commanding Officer blagged his way onto the jump, and then pulled rank to go No1. Unfortunately (for him), he did not notice that the ramp was slick with spilt diesel or similar. Consequently, on the run in to the DZ, he lost his grip and slid helplessley down the ramp and out into the void - a case of "RED ON/CO GONE!". The Malaysians were initially concerned that their senior officer guest might be lost in the jungle - perhaps suspended from a 100m tall mahogany tree - but we assured them that he would regard it as a manly insult if a search party went out for him, and that he should be left to find his own way back to the DZ......
  8. Ah Suman Warrior circa 89?, chicken and exotic bird averies between the blocks!!!!!

    I think a wrong turn in the cookhouse at the barracks at Koti Barhu turned my stomach more than the parachuting.

    They buy all there para gear from Uncle Sam, (all his old u/s stuff that is!), the average Malaysian soldier weighs in as bantom weight, average Brit para a bit heavier, result large tears in a canopy!

    Fondly remember wings parade and several blokes chucking up/grand slamming collapsing with food poisioning. :x

    Plane was a Caribou and remember the loady between lifts dropping the cowling on the engines and fiddling with a screwdriver which caused large bellows of white smoke from the exhaust........ 8O

    Also K** W********* aka Gary Glitter R.I.P :cry: and his Kai Tai Karioke.

    Bizzarrly met the big ginger haired Aussie 3 RAR PJI gorrilla who was dispatching "Use your Gristle Grabbers" some years later on Long Look.

    Ive had a fair few heated discussions with folks that think that jumping Brit Kit and RAF planes in a foreign Country entitles them to wear countries wings, this was most apparent on Saif Saria (spelling Harry!) pre GW1 where a few select blokes did there Omani jumps and others didnt but jumped into the excercise and wore there wings anyway? This isnt as criminal as buying your wings Cali *ank :oops: but whats the general consensus! :?:
  9. What about operational jumps?

    Should the guys who jumped at Normandy get the french wings then?

    Or what about the Rhine crossing? German wings?
  10. Wearing foriegn wings just because you have jumped into a country should definately not be allowed. I would have about 8 more sets of wings if this was the case! 'Buying' them is dodgy too. You should have to have been presented them by the relevant Army.
    Going back to dodgy foreign parachuting stories, the Mauritanian Army freefall team had some novel ways of exiting a C130 tailgate! Saw a few of them go hurtling past after they had opened up early too!
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  11. Sorry maybe crossed wires here we are talking current serving Airborne Forces wearing one set of presented foreign wings on there smock if there unit allows?

    Sadly there hasnt been many operational jumps :oops: ....(Drum roll Q Auld Yin.....)

    Im not sure if there are any WW2 vets who jumped into Normandy
    etc that are still serving in uniform, if there is apologies and respect wear em with pride!

    Each set of French Wings presented has a unique number that is kept on record, the wings come with two reet smart certificates, this ensures that the "Wearborne Wing Walts" that we have outed a few on Arrse dont have a leg to stand on when they put there wings up and adopt some lame untraceable reason.

    You also see French Police in there dress uniforms wearing the "Brevet" that they have earned in the Military.

    If your talking about blokes who jump into the yearly/5 yearly reunions at Normandy with British Kit from British planes it is a little false as they are wearing wings with no numbers or authority.

    Ive also done the Ginkel Heath Boogie several times from various airframes and various kit , but i have never been tempted to don Dutch wings, fair one if on an official exchange but paying in your own time is a bit sad.

    Sure there will be a lot of foreign wings popping up now that you can buy them certs and all on E bay, sad.

    don a simular line didnt the US forces use to give medals to soldiers for flying over war zones?
  12. You mentioned people jumping from british planes in british kit, and buying foreign wings themselves because they'd jumped into a foreign country. I was just trying to illustrate how wrong I think that is!
  13. My old man mentioned something about that a while ago actually, when I made a comment about how many bits and peices were on a Yanks uniform, he remarked 'big fcuken deal, one of those just means he's been in a plane ffs'.
  14. I can confirm the French wings bit.Nice metal badge with serial number and certs.Did my course at Pau.It was summer and the DZ appeared to be a ploughed field.With the sun beating down,when blokes started to break limbs,CO ordered a soldier with a tractor,to plough up DZ,to make it easier on the legs!

    Was also a bit fazed by what appeared to be quite relaxed preparation,compared to the way the RAF PJIs do things.Nonetheless,an interesting experience.I then had a period with a Frech unit,on the 'Exchange au pair 'scheme.
  15. When I returned some years later after French jumps course the said DZ had been torched and was covered in black ash, them blokes who didnt square HRD looked like the B&W minstrel show at the RV.

    Seem to remember the whole DZ being carpeted in brown airborne bungies.....

    Was that scary bloke in the PRI shop with the wooden hand?

    Its bizzarre that other countries PJIs are a lot more relaxed and on side maybe because many are Army, The RAF PJIs get the job done but they have a habit of overtightening everything, resulting in most blokes being bent double with overtightened straps when they get to jump.