Foreign Office Minister marks second anniversary of Tunisian revolution

Ministry of Defence said:
Speaking on the second anniversary of the Tunisian revolution, Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, Alistair Burt, said:
14 January marks the second anniversary of the Tunisian revolution, which began the Arab Spring. Since the revolution, Tunisia has made remarkable progress in its political transition, including free and fair elections, a free media and the drafting of a new constitution that safeguards the rights and fundamental freedoms of all Tunisians.
The UK will continue to support Tunisia in its critical journey of building new, democratic institutions, including through our Arab Partnership programme, which is already supporting the democratisation process in Tunisia. We will work through the EU and with International Financial Institutions to help tackle the economic and financial challenges facing Tunisia. And we will use our G8 Presidency to work with Tunisia and the other transition countries in the Deauville Partnership to assist the political, social and economic transition taking place in the region, sparked by the revolution in Tunisia two years ago today.
[h=4]Further Information[/h]The Deauville Partnership was launched by the G8 in May 2011, to allow the G8 to give political and economic support to the countries of the Arab Spring.
More information on the Arab Partnership.
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