Foreign Office Lost Satphone

I wonder how many of the phone numbers are 900 numbers ? :lol:

The Stolen Satellite Phone

November 2, 2005: Back in 2003, the British Foreign Office shipped a satellite phone to their diplomats in Baghdad. But before the sat-phone could be delivered to the people it was intended for, it was stolen. Somehow, the Foreign Office was not informed that the phone was gone, and those who stole it proceeded to use it heavily to make free calls all over the Middle East. When someone at the Foreign Office finally discovered that the phone they had been paying the bills for, was not being used by their people, service was cut off. But not before the phone ran up usage fees of over $750,000. Hoping to make something of the fiasco, the phone call records (which indicate many calls to Yemen and Saudi Arabia) have apparently been turned over to MI6 (overseas intelligence, the British CIA) to see if any of the parties called are, or were, involved in terrorism, or anything else that MI6 might find of use.
You mean 0898 etc over in the UK T6. Well, erm, so I'm told anyway!!

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