Foreign National Joining the HAC


Having e-mailed the HAC and not having received a response, I thought I would endeavor to find an answer on here. I am a foreign national (USA), and have lived in the UK 4 of the last 5 years (also lived here when I was younger for a few years), then went to uni here and currently I work for a major firm in the city and was interested in joining the HAC... is there a possibility of doing this or am I pretty well buggered unless I eventually get citizenship?

Copied and pasted diect from Citizenship requirements - British Army Website

Citizenship requirements for Territorial Army

Territorial Army Soldier Officer
British Citizen Yes Yes
Citizen of a Commonwealth country or those with British Overseas Territories Citizenship A period of Residency in the UK may be required for some jobs Security clearance procedures require candidates, whether or not they are of UK origin, to have resided in the UK for a period of 5 years prior to entering officer training. In certain circumstances a waiver of part of this requirement may be granted
A British Protected Person Yes Yes
A citizen of Ireland Yes Yes

Looks like you're out of luck mucker, however still ring them as you never know with the HAC.