Foreign mines (Training ones)

Someone told me t'other day that there are mines that can be signed out that buzz or flash if trodden on or tripped am i having my pisser pulled?
If so how do they work and where can i get 'em!
Cheers RE


Kit Reviewer
Try here.

Alternatively make your own, they're not difficult.


I ahem liberated some training mines including Nato ones from the big sheds at the back of Chattenden. I had permish and they were about to be binned. I was Stab at the time and had set up a pioneer section in the local rifle coy.Sadly Ugly's madness monkey took over & I was invited to finish my part time career having decided that I could escape and evade home from Annual camp at Knook. Thats another story and I suspect that the mines were returned to Broadstairs (Asslt Pnr Pln) and may still be there! I made some interesting toys which for some reason the QM took a dislike too. I'm all for training realism and sadly the TA of the late 80's was pretty much Walmington on sea versus 3rd Gds Shock Army! Nobody wanted to upset the boat. Thing is two lads I trained went on to better things (GW1 etc) and one I believe was arrested on explosive charges. Still you can only train them, you cant stop them using what they've learnt after they leave.

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