Foreign Medals

Saw a picture of the Duke of Edinburgh with a list of the medals he was wearing. They included a couple from foreign governments. I have always believed that you are not allowed to include these alongside ours. Is there a special rule for the Royal Family?
Quite a few medals are authorised for wear, including nearly all Commonwealth ones, as well as US ones. You have to apply to the MoD for permission, but it's generally granted, based on a couple of proviso's.
I have a Omani one that I am allowed to wear. It came with a letter of authorisation.
Me too. You're quite right - Omani bling is 1 of the few approved by the Queen. Most others aren't. Worn after all Brit issue in same order of march ie Gallantry, Honours then National Day etc. Miniatures can be a tad tricky to get hold of though.....
As others have said, forin medals can be worn if permission is granted. Ultimately, permissiion is granted by, or on behalf of the Queen. So, as the Duke is related to the Queen, I suspect he had permission for all of his.
For what it's worth, approval has been granted for British personnel who have been awarded the New Zealand Defence Sevice Medal to wear it on their (British) Uniforms. The (NZ) Royal Warrant was granted in about August and the matter was taken up with DCDS(Pers) who is now Master of the Household at Buck House. The phrase 'HM would be delighted if British personnel wore this medal' was subsequently relayed to a holder of the NZDSM - which sould as close as to a Royal endorsment as possible!

Precedence wise, it's not clear where the NZ DSM would come - presumably after all British medals? My colleague's medal was awarded when he was JO in the NZ Forces over 20 years ago (he's now a VSO and still serving) and milled with his rank at the time of qualification. Any Arrsers prepared to suggest where the medal should sit in line?
Clearly, after all British medals but, assuming the holder has more than one elegible foreign medal, there is still a bunfight to be had!
I have a forin ribbon (no medals were minted) that I'm not allowed to wear, but if I were, how and where would it go?

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