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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by danjou, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. With Wives Mothers Girlfriends etc crying "My Norman never joined the army to fight" wold it be a good time to form a Foreign Legion!! would it be possable to re-form the Kings German Legion? then when it came to wars like Iraq (next year Iran) the Uk public could sleep sound knowing there husband son etc were doing Trooping of the colour or free fall parachuting at some fete or just being sick outside the queens in Aldershot. with the legion all training could be none PC , and you would get veterans from all over the world who just wanted to fight..
  2. Worked for the french Found your hand yet Danjou?
  3. I´m going to get grilled for this,aren´t the Gurkas classed as merceneries?If so we should have more of them,instead of cutting their ranks.On the other hand,the brits are the worlds best soldiers,why let all the foreigners have the fun.

    And anyway,Danjous lot apparently have no battle honours just glorious defeats,who needs a losing team?

    And as The War Against Terrorism,will be likely to go on for decades,you don´t want to be training potential enemies,I wonder how often Britain has done that?
  4. UN (i think) essential characteristics to distinguish a modern day mercenary from other combatants and military organisations

    Foreign- not a citizen or resident of the state in which fighting
    independance - not integrated for the long term into any national force and bound only by contractual ties of a limited employee
    motivation - fighting for short term economic reward, not political/religious goals
    recruitment - recruited by oblique and circuitous ways to avoid legal prosecution
    Organisation - merc units are temporary ad hoc groupings of individual soldiers
    Services - Lacking prior organisation, a focus on combat service to single clients

    So Johnny Gherkin isn't a merc on points 2-6.

    But given reported recruiting/management/HR nightmares in some PMCs/PSCs operating in Iraq, how they will be perceived after US DOD contracts run out and CPA set up structures are changed is a tricky one. Even before videos/actions are brought into the picture
  5. Amazing guys the Gurkas,watched them on ranges,frightening,glad they´re on our side.I´m surprised the yanks didn´t invite them to Fullujah,for a working weekend,I´m sure they´d like to find the cowardly b***ards that murdered 16 of their countrymen.

    I´ve heard that the Afghans respect only two things,God and the Gurkas,but I´m not sure in which order!

    Looks as if IRAQ,will end up like OMAN,local troops take over´, with lots of Observers helping;it seems to have worked well there.

    Now that I´ve sorted out the World´s problems I´m off for a Beer!

    Midnight :roll:
  6. You mean you weren't drunk when you said that? :lol:
  7. In which way?the yanks can´t stay forever,but can´t leave totally,not wanting to leave a power vacuum.And the Iraqis´,once they´ve had a taste of democracy,they won´t be to quick to put a dictator back in place.

    Or do you really believe,that I believe,that my opinion would change a gnats fart?! to work?!F.O..........I drive a that work!!!!!.......................