Foreign legion Walt alert


i found these pic on the gallery and there from a site about the FFL


suprisingly these quotes differ from the site it is originally on.


War Hero
Aaah, I see, though I like the idea of a walt going to Corsica with his uniform and ending up locked up in 2 REPs guardoom as a deserter! :)


heres a walts interview with the FFL

legionaire- name?

walt- bob walters

legionaire-any previous military experience?

walt- i was a elite guards para ninja commando!


and the back ground according to the website it is originally from the legion training establishment know as the farm, he's not getting his wings he' probably just got his kepi and 4 RE badge.

our good walter didnt read his maunual good enough!
Tartan_Terrier said:
Is the 'general' a Caporal-Chef?

Yes he is. How long before one of these cnuts gets their picture taken in all their faux Legion finery at the marina in... Torquay?
8paraboot6 said:
Im know expert on the legion but the so called general is a NCO

MAn, the hats, the hats :D :D :D :D
there's no being ally in the legion
I am thinking of joining the british version the hats are far nicer


Bagster said:
Tartan_Terrier said:
What a knobber!

Most of these guys fold if you try speaking French to them.

If you're going to walt it up, do it properly.

Why didn't he just read my wiki walting guide:

(He'll probably be back next week as ex-chunkie now!)

I once outed someone who claimed to be ex 2REP by speaking French...simple really. As for the photo, don't officers wear black Kepis?

iam ledto belive that anyone higher than a caporal wears a black kepi.
Black kepi - that's the case. I'm a bit mystified about the 'walt' claim, though. That site looks genuine enough to me. It seems to have been set up by the parents of a legionnaire. Am I missing something?


might be some mistake from the site, which is a genuine one.
If pic is from there its genuine but with some confusion over rank.

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