Foreign Legion - Tougher than the Rest

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. New series starting on ITV 4 on Wednesday, an eight parter following recruits into La Legion Etranger. Must see viewing for all the potential Legionnaires that pop up on this site I reckon!
  2. Nothing like as arduous as selection for the British Legion...

    (Please, a seat on the bus home for this geriatric joke...)
  3. A naked tab back to Maiwand Barracks following a Friday night binge down at the Squirrel & Truncheon on a frosty January night is enough to sort the wheat from the chaff I'll tell you.
  4. Cheap shot at ‘Legion’ try :

    These are the actual statistics presented in an articulate, simple (ahh..!!..That’s better) fashion. In practical terms ‘The Legion’ helped my father (WW2 Polish forces, fought at Casino) they (BL) were brilliant.

    I suggest take note of the section concerning disabled vets, for as a mentally challenged mong you’ll not be far off the position of ‘numero uno’ for future employment as not all injuries have to be physical and later in life you’ll be grateful of their support. Myself resident in ‘Carrot Crunchvilve’ (Somerset ) ’n’ Mrs Walt will be running the Poppy appeal…Last year £1856.40…for mongs like you ‘n’ Buckfelize, I’ve also noticed you’ve listed your place of residence..’ Le Jardin des Anglais’…that’s Kent..??..a.k.a ‘pikey land’ one regret is my G/Dad fought on ‘Kaiser Bill’s side in the first ‘big one’ to stop your G/G/Dad straining his seed through a ‘scum bag’ to perpetrate the product you are today and failed. Do not reply to this as ‘standing orders’ forbid this…let it ‘fester’...if you do reply make it sharp, intellegent 'n' witty'...not the usual weak efforts...anyway like 'flashy' your done too...!!!
  5. Respect to Buckfelize, at least he dosen't dress up his location/background ("Pikey-ridden Euro Cesspit ") in fancy 'French'...Good stop 'Chav'..remember it can only get better..!!
  6. What the fcuk was that all about, in no way was Themanwho's post running down the british legion, nobody on these boards has anything but respect for what the British Legion does.

    I think somebody needs to apply for funding from the RBL for a sense of humour transplant
  7. Doctor: Quick.
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Nah - you need a put the cnut down :D
  9. :lol:
  10. I met the evil little Yank Sgt from the original series (the one with Bear Grylls in) in an Army surplus store in Colchester during my lunch break about 2 years ago - Nice friendly Guy actually but had the typical "small man syndrome" which was proven by his bone-crushing hand-shake :lol:
  11. That series was a 'reality' type show though wasn't it, the instructors were legit etc though, this one is about actual recruits going for it.
  12. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I followed the link to the Wiki entry for Maiwand Barracks. This caught my eye:

    Would I be right in thinking the back doors are forever being battered?
  13. Eh?

    Oh it's you. Be a good little fcuktard and take your head for a sh*it you balloon chasing sp*unk bubble. Thanks.

    Sharp enough for you , or do you want me to poison your tropical fish and call your gerbil nasty names as well?

    By the way stop trying to big your grandad up by saying he "fought at Casino" when actually he was thrown out of the Mecca Bingo hall for sniffing the caller's undercrackers.

    Apologies to the rest of you for feeding the troll, but it's a Monday and the week is stretching ahead like a long unpleasant stretchy thing.

    And... rest.
  14. Yes, he was quite clearly running down the French Foreign Legion... :twisted:
  15. Quite incorrect. As anyone 'in-the-know' will point out, 49 do not have any mortars. In fact, they have no support at all... and neither does the Wives Club. I shall also take this opportunity to state that my entire fcuking family were employed in giving the Hun a shoeing - on both occasions... or three if you count that scrap outside Der Boothaus in Herford.