Foreign Languages

I had a thought the other day (whilst taking a break from dossing) that there are a lot of people on here who have been to countries all over the globe (and may have picked up a little lingo). I know, funny that, who'd have thought??

Anyhow, it might be a good/nice idea to have a collection on here of different ways to swear in various other languages, so you'll never be at a loss on holiday again.
Ah, it's like the grail. Cheers Beebs, work done:D

Holidays will never be the same again.

(although it doesn't appear to have a "yorkshire" section :lol:

Oh, and watch out for the "autoinstall" componants for that website, tricky little bastards
The problem solver at the bottom. LOL

come_to_arrest_the_zulus said:
a lot of the welsh stuff is slightly wrong but I'm sure it would get the message across
'Iesu, mae o'n rel coc oen' but I see what you mean!
As feckin'usual, the I.T. Gestapo have declared Insultmonger to be "Tasteless and Offensive", so I can't get into it from here. I'll just have to wait until I get home. B.T.W., is that all one word. or is it a portmanteau version of "Insult-a-monger"?
cachau Bant! :D
ahh the swear filter didnt get that one !
Twee biertjes, graag. En deze hoor is niet goed genoeg - haar reet stinkt, en nu m'n lul stinkt ook. Geef me een betere!
I also once got given (excuse foreign spelling)

Cannach Spritzen Mein Mennenfatten Ein dena Gezich?

Can I spray my load in your mouth love...

Is it correct anyone?
Hellfyyr it's possibly more like

Kann ich meine Last in Ihrer Öffnung sprizen
Can I My load in your mouth squirt

But I'm sure you'll get the message across
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