Foreign Incursions....what if it was here?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, May 6, 2011.

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  1. A point was made to me that if our Country was 'invaded' by foreign troops on a mission that we wouldn't like it just like the Pakistanis are kicking off about it.
    Well, I for one, would have no qualms if the Yanks rocked up over Bradford/Luton/London etc etc in their Blackhawks to take out all the radical gobshites in the Country that our Govt (admittedly tied by the European Rights Act) don't seem to have the balls to do.
    I know the Russians (allegedly) have done it a few times so the precedent has been set!
    Seal Team 6......come and crack on!
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  2. We would offer to make them a cup of tea.
  3. Foreign incursions into the UK?
    Have you been to Manchester or Birmingham lately? Half of the Taliban are already here.
  4. probably get the super stealthy black hawks clamped and be hit with fines for noise and littering.
    those empty cases won't pick themselves up.
    plus be mobbed by plane spotters and air soft walts asking dim questions and journalists asking dimmer questions :)
    when the b52 took off to bomb iraq the police and the peace protesters found the best spots had already been nabbed by plane spotters:)
  5. Black hawk would end up with a wheel clamp on it and a parking fine if it landed in London
  6. in scotland the natives would eat them I've seen the documentary.
    be like blackhawk down with gingers and chips
  7. I'm on a recce oop norf on the Scotland/Engurland border at the moment JD. You might see a orange/blue horde coming your way shortly. ;-)
  8. Second coming of William of Orange?
  9. At least it would get to land. If it was Liverpool the wheels would go missing whilst in the hover. ;)