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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering about the differences in various countries' fitness tests.

    A few examples I know:

    Danish Defence Forces BFT: 3000 metres run in PT gear in under 16 minutes (time is for 18-29 year olds) {Some units still do the run in boots and combats, either 3000 metres, or the old 12 minute 'Cooper test' (usually 2400 metres minimum)}

    US Army PFT run: 2 mile run in under 15:54, 42 press-ups, and 53 sit-ups (17-21 year olds)

    USMC PFT run: 3 Mile run in max. 28 minutes, at least 3 pull-ups, and 50 sit ups (17-26 year olds) {Minimum performance gives 105 points, but you need 135 points to pass}

    Does anyone have any more examples?
  2. Correct me if my memory has faded due to the several years that it has been since I did one, but isn't that a fair bit under a normal BFT time expected (not necessarily "pass times", just "expected")at that age by all arms? The pull ups and sit ups afterwards wouldn't have been that much of an issue for most of the guys I knew either.

    Just wondered.
  3. It certainly doesn't seem as demanding as you'd expect.

    From what I've been told though, they expect people to be a lot faster than the minimum (18 minutes gives max points).

    What was the max time for the old TA BFT? Was it 27 or 29 minutes?

    I've read that it was 29, but I'm almost certain that we only had 27 minutes.
  4. Are you thinking of the USMC fitness test?
    60 Press ups
    85 Sit ups- in 2 mins
    16 pull ups
    41 burpees- in 1 min
    Followed by a shuttle sprint.
  5. Commando Training Centre RM.
    Theyuse it to weed out the wheezy kids on their Potential Recruits (or Officers) Course. The winners get to do more PT.
  6. The Danish one and the US Army one look quite easy actually. Maybe we should have a competition, which army has the slackest PT requirements?
  7. Burpees are horrible things, I used to hate them!

    Another Danish one I nearly forgot is the Bronze Circle.

    Usual routine is doing the circuit in the link below three times in under 12 minutes, the 'Reaktionsøvelse' is my 'favourite'.
  8. I wonder what the Jamaican Defense Force do?
    No nasty stereotypes please!
  9. Apart from war, I believe the best fitness test is that which the blokes have the self discipline, and professionalism to administer to themselves.
  10. You must be thinking of the US Army. USMC is

    Minimum 4 pullups, 44 crunches in two minutes and 27 minutes 59 seconds for a 3 mile run. Incidentally, you fail the PFT if you achieve the minimum score in all three events.

    Total score 300 points if you get 20 pullups, run time under 18 minutes and 100 crunches.

    Its a little different for females but I can't be arrsed to remember the numbers.
  11. Errm, what's "burpee"? Sounds a bit odd.
  12. Start in press-up position, knees to chest, then jump in the air, either at the position of attention or in a star jump, depending on how brutal the PTI is feeling.

    These are called "burpees", and/or "bastards"
  13. Oi! Sounds awful. Thanks for the explanation.
  14. I have yet to see a military application for the capability to run two miles in PT shorts and runners. The Canadian fitness test involving a speed march with pack seems a lot more sensible to me.,%20FMs,%20&%20Standards/apft_standards.htm for the complete US Army APFT chart. You need 60 points minimum in each test to pass. The test is administered with no more than a ten minute break between events. Sit-ups and push-ups must be done in a two-minute period, there are a bunch of rules which can 'disqualify' you. (Such as during the pushups touching the ground with anything other than your hands and toes or separating your hands in the sit-up, or resting in an unauthorised position in either event.) There are 'alternate' tests including a swim, bicycle ride and walk in case of injury or something else preventing the standard three from being performed.

    There is some argument in favour of making fitness tests job specific. For example, there is less need for a tanker to be able to run than there is for him to be able to lug heavy things around.