Foreign fighters only a tiny part of the rebellion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. Makes for disturbing reading, especially the last few paragraphs.

    Rest of the article can be read Here (c) Telegraph
  2. They do have the answers, but they aren't quite ready to release their findings in to the public domain. When the Americans are ready to carry on cleaving their way through the axis of evil they'll reveal all their secrets. When I was over in the sandpit it was obvious that the Moqtada Militia were being funded by the darker side of a neighbouring country. There were also recruiting offices open in certain cities of the same country asking for young wanna be martyrs to come forward and register their names to be sent across the border to get some Jihad action.
  3. Foreign fighters are also being drawn from across the Western world, with "soldiers" enlisting at "recruitment offices" in the UK and sent to Iraq, known to the volunteers as "the sandbox". Their spiritual leader is renowned for his emotive speeches containing many promises made to the "volunteers" in the "next world". Too often the "next world" arrives too soon, with redundancy letters and a cr@p new pension or rapid demobilisation with no job.
  4. How about...
    Funny how bleeding heart, scare-mongering articles forget that bit.
  5. I have to say that the Sunni insurgency doesn't really make strategic sense to me. What are they trying to acheive? Surely they must realise that the Shia and Kurds aren't going to meekly submit to Sunni Arab domination once again if the US leaves? More likely they'll turn on and massacre the Sunni arabs. Surely better to negotiate the best possible terms now and accept 'democracy'?
  6. I suppose that they want to end foreign occupation.

    Situation is not clear. Later or sooner US will leave Iraq (probably in 2010). At that time Sunnis will have very rich experience in fighting. 13-15 y.o. children will be very good soldiers in 2010. Can 5 mln. Sunnis form 100000 army? Easy.

    I doubt. Sunnis will say in 2010 that namely they made main contributuin in liberation of Iraq form foreign invadors and they have right for for power (at least for first role).

    They will not accept 'democracy' and you know it.
  7. I'm still not convinced that the penny has dropped with the US that they're not facing an insurgency - they're facing a significant number of separate insurgencies. These disparate groups co-operate sometimes, other times they slot each other.

    And then there are the armed groups that have not yet got involved - the Shia groups in the South for instance. The "Iraqi Forces" we see are just another set of armed bodies with complex and shifting patterns of loyalties.

    Many sources make statements about the "insurgency" but these often conflict - because the int comes from one group or the other. You can't generalise.

    Another driver is the way that many locals feel humiliated by the way the US do business - or maybe they've lost a loved one at a roadblock. It is not a situation that lends itself to simple analysis or straightforward solutions.