Foreign Fanny Stereotypes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. The polish wimmin thread and my own, dear missus, got me thinking.

    What are the stereotypes of foreign fanny? The missus is Canadian, who are well renowned for being dirty sluts and liking a bit of choccy starfish action. Thus I have laboured under false hopes for too long...

    People always bang on about the frogs, but all the french "women" I've met are greasier than Peter Mandelson's colon, hairer than a monkey and I have strong urges to hit them in the face with a cricket bat.

    And oh... the Swedish... Blonde and beautiful... feckin gorgeous

    Irish, red-headed and temperamental. I can vouch for that one...

    Arrser's experience? Dirtiest foreign flange or do the scousers win hands down?
  2. Mrs Vood is Chinese !!!
  3. Using chopsticks instead of drinking from the furry cup?

    Does she bang like a barn door in a gale? I always thought Chinese would be dirty and sex crazed, craving for some escape from their restrictive past/present.
  4. No stereotyping here
  5. Thai chicks: really are LBFM's. Also have an irresistable desire to 'mother' you.

    Indian girl: Insane and had an irresistable desire to 'smother' me.

    I have to admit the Indian assessment is based upon a single sample. (she tried to set fire to my head in the bar)

    Of the component nations of the UK, English girls are definitely less repressed than their celtic counterparts.

    And there are more of them!
  6. Upside to the downside is that they'll still be perky long after the more endowed females' t!ts are warming their knees.

    Accentuate the positive, I say.
  7. Gingers. Taste metallic.
  8. Went out with a Japanesse lass at uni. After watching some Jap films I thought they were all truely filthy little cockhounds.

  9. My brother made me believe (from a young age that all asian vag's go sideways. I was almost upset when I found out they didn't.
  10. Why? Are you a harmonica player?
  11. Well, there's Christmas and her birthday sorted out....and you get to benefit as well!
  12. Does she only get one done at a time?
  13. Crabby starting a thread on women is akin to Woopert starting a thread on warryness.

    What the fcuk do you know about Canadian women, the closest you ever got to one was thrapping over a Celine Dione album cover......and failing to get yourself off.

    As for tiddly birds......... Bllleeeuurrg, side ways on cnuted goppers, not pretty, untrustworthy passport seeking ladyboy slutfcuks.

    Why would anyone go for a bird with placcy tits? They are crap!

    If you pull a chick and you get her threppnies out and they aren't nice, come on them and ditch her for a chick with nicer tits.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Latvian women - gorgeous, if a little jaded. Small country syndrome, but plenty of initiative when it comes to smuggling diamonds and precious metals.

    Russian women - gorgeous, but often hard-bitten, and not easy to fool.
  15. Biped, behave.....

    All eatern Euro birds are malnourished corn beef skinned cheap porn whores.

    With the odd exception, but they live in a distant Hungarian village called