Foreign Exchanges and Exercises...

Wish you weren’t here? Your best and worst Foreign Exercises ever.

If this topic has already been done before on ARRSE then I humbly beg for your forgiveness and after the normal insults have been thrown my way, I will go and bury my head in the garden at the soonest opportunity. If it hasn’t been done before then here’s my question.....................

What was the best/worst foreign exchange or exercise you ever went on and why?

My top trip ever goes to 2 Rep FFL in Corsica. Corsica wins purely through the amount of beer and wine fired down range. The novelty of having free beer and wine in the scoff house was thoroughly abused by the blokes and most days us Brits were fully tanked up by evening scoff and ready to head down to the beach for a letch and more often than not a scrap with the locals. The mornings consisted of bimbling around the island at snail pace (which the Legion considered to be running pace) with a few climbing obstacles thrown in for good measure. The working days used to be spent fcuking about on their ranges (sunbathing) or carrying out blank fire exercises in the middle of the town followed by a bit more sunbathing. It’s a surreal feeling, pepper potting through a street of holiday makers and froggy civvies going about their normal daily business. Time was also spent falling out the antique aircraft onto their rock hard DZ or more often than not onto the roofs of the camp buildings. I did manage to trap off with a reasonably good looking froggy chick though (without paying) which ultimately makes it the best trip for me, that and the fact that I managed to get away with having an ND with a harpoon gun down at the beach while being mingmonged on French beer. Luckily the harpoon only ended up sticking out the side of a beach hut and not some civvy. I still, to this day have no idea how I ended up with a harpoon gun anyway? Looking back at it, it was a few weeks spent mainly sunning ourselves and getting pissed up having a good time at the expense of the Frogs. I bet they were well chuffed when they were hosted by us lot later that year and spent their time freezing their nads off in Otterburn. Their “day out” consisted of a DAF ride down to Dover castle with a horror bag for lunch! They really shat out on that “exchange”. :D

Anyone rate any other units or countries for best and worst? .............
I have to nominate an exchange tour of Jamaica in 1980 where a Sqn of RE went over there for a 'Dreadlock Holiday' under canvas (thanks) Still fantastic though.
A bunch of JDF (Just Don't Functions) as an unsuspecting Staffie called them to a Daily Mirror journo which was printed...names, the lot! came over to UK. They terrorised Maidstone for six weeks or so. Rumour has it that one of them bought a fridge to take back to Kingston as hand baggage.
No big T'ing, yeh man.

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