Foreign Doctors just aren't good enough.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jarrod248, Jul 10, 2013.

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    I know a number of examples of Doctors and Nurses over the years who just aren't fit to practice.
    I hope common sense will prevail and it will eventually be looked at the differences in training.
    I've heard of foreign practitioners sharing a qualification and I think it really can't be that hard to stop. Regulators take plenty of money from us to protect the public but they don't actually protect the public.
    Salaries and pensions have been cut in the UK, does anyone care that practitioners move abroad and what replaces them won't be good enough?
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  3. I couldn't pass one of them medical exams, it's all Greek to me.
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  4. I would have thought a good start is that people trained BY the NHS own a certain number of years of service TO the NHS. So if they want to sod off abroad or to BUPA before that time (twenty years seems reasonable) then they have to reimburse the public for the full cost of their training.
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  7. My missus is in the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough - she had a partial mastectomy on Friday, and had some minor complications on Saturday, so the nurse said she'd get a doctor in to see her.

    It took over 12 hours and the threat of PAMS (?) to get a doctor in to the ward to see her 'because it's a week-end'.

    And this is one of the major hospitals in the area....
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  9. Oh yes, privatise it. That should certainly deal with the issue of poorly-trained Asians working in the NHS. They'd all be replaced by crazy-eyed Somalis working for HealthCorp Solutions for minimum wage.
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  10. They're not strictly trained by the NHS, before being "Junior Doctor, your life in their hands", they get a Batchelors in Medicine (or surgery) at any one of a number of universities, then go on to work in a junior capacity (previously Junior and Senior House officer, no doubt this has changed name but not role) which is basically on the job training at a ridiculously low rate of pay, but horrendous workload. This is as close a "gift" the NHS give them.

    Any Doctor completing GMC registration has earned the right to work where they want, NHS or otherwise.
  11. Obviously the ones shelling out their own cash for their degrees and training would be exempt from such a scheme.
  12. They get a student loan, previously a student grant, just like any other student; with the usual conditions. I gather medical degrees are exempt from the 9k a year cap because of the nature of course materials. I may be misinformed about that though

    Students of which subjects should be made to both study and work for anything up to 100 hours a week for an extra 3 to 4 years after gaining their bachelors for the state before their degree is actually a usable professional qualification, for between 20k to 33k a year?
  13. Wether a doctor is foreign or not does not matter, you have either good doctors or bad doctors from every nationality, i have met a fair few of them at the luton and dunstable hospital, now renamed the lethal and deadly.
    What does matter is that the doctor can speak concise english so that an elderly patient can understand him, and the staff.
    This is one reason why patients and families get upset, they cant understand what the doctor is saying, it may be he or she is doing a very good job but because you cant understand him he is classed as not good enough, the same could be said with the influx of african nurses with heavy accents and booming voices. who like us brits tend to shout when people dont understand us.
    Now waiting to see a doctor for more than a few hours is usualy down to bad hospital policy and does not mean the doctor is no good, unless its like the doc who knowingly left me in pain at the l&d for 4 hours while walking of with my drug chart, the nurses asked him for it and he kept saying he would see me in 15mins, i waited 4 hours when all he had to do was give the chart to a nurse.
    He got a very frosty reception from both myself and the sister in charge and i refused to let him take blood or examine me, i told him that i could not trust a doctor who knowingly letwa patient wait so long for pain relief.
    I was into my second day of a non stemi mi when this happened.. a heart attack that does not show on an ecg, blood test had already shown positive that i was maybe still having one, but i have a habit of looking rather healthy even when seriously ill and i think he misjudged me and did not read my notes or ask the staff.
    As said doctors are either good or bad, hospitals are the same, which is why i dread another emergency admission to the L&D

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  14. I hope she is doing ok now mucker and on the road to recovery.
    It must of been hard and scarey, not just for her but for you too.

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