Foreign criminals escape removal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Just when i thought the government could not be any more incompetent, this happens... :roll:

  2. Let's see... 1,000 criminals should have been deported but went free.

    107 were subsequently found. Of these, 20 were deported.

    What happened to the other 87?
  3. "There are a large number of people involved. I can't say hand on heart that we will identify where each one of those is, but we are working on that very energetically."

    Can we take that as a NO then. Fat, usless waster. Get a grip of your department and stop being a breathing political mistake.

  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    So Clarke takes full responsibility but won't resign. Why is that not surprising? :?

    Wonder if there are any figures on these punters reoffending?

    Another good reason for a more robust immigration policy.
  5. Vote Conservative :wink:
  6. Yet again this goverment taking the electorate for fcukin fools
  7. The bigger picture - 10000 foreign prisoners. 10000 people have come to the UK, committed an offence, the police have spent time to identify them, gain evidence and arrest them, the lawyers have prosecuted, defended and appealed in front of a judge(s) who have passed sentence. They are then looked after at Her Majesty's pleasure for half their sentence (likely reduced to a third if they get tagged) before being released.

    Now I'm not brandishing all 10000 as immigrants but there are at least 1023 who have come over here looking for a better life, free housing, healthcare, food, microwaves, televisions etc and committed a crime. I suspect the figure is much greater and these are only the bu66ers the police have actually managed to arrest and obtain a successful conviction of - before the defence lawyers get them off on technicalities, human rights etc.

    and this gets me thinking further:
    1. How much money has been spent so far on these criminals?
    2. How much money will have to be spent to find them again?
    3. What else could this money have been spent on?
    4. How have the crime statistics been affected by these foreign criminals? An increase no doubt.
    5. How much safer would the streets be without them ever having come to this country?
    6. I agree with Lucky Jim - 107 have been rearrested and only 20 dpeorted. Why? If they have committed an offence and are to be deported then deport them on the next available plane, boat, canoe out of here. Certainly don't keep them in a purpose built holding area which they then burn down.
    7. Why, when a Kosovan gets killed in the street by Serbs (or vice versa) the local newspaper has a 2 inch article which states something to the effect of "A white man was killed by a gang of white men early on....." They aren't allowed to report the nationalities because it is believed that this will only incite further violence.
    8. I'm all for those foreigners being treated under UK Law (tougher sentences and actually serving the full term though, please) but what if they were to be tried under their own law? (parts of Bradford are already claiming they want to adopt Sharia (spelling) Law) - thieves would have their hands cut off, rapists would be executed / have their nads cut off... The list goes on and I'm not too certain of the facts which is why I'm stopping there but you get the gist. A large proportion must be feeling that the punishment is lighter in the UK than in their own country and therefore they don't mind committing the crime.
    9. I'm certainly not suggesting that Brits are whiter than white - we have our fair share of prisoners overseas but would you rather be Ford Open Prison or Sing Sing? or other notorious prisons in Columbia, Thailand, Cambodia, America.....
    10. I always thought the top man (or woman) who openly admitted responsibility for such a c*ck up (and repeated c*ock ups) would actually be held responsible for them and then asked to account for them - the Mess Webbly sounds just perfect.

    Final point - well done to all involved.
  8. Simple answer, sack Clarke and do the bugger for treason.

    Rant over
  9. The Labour cabinet are the best recruiting agents the BNP could possibly have , and they don't even have to pay them!!!!!!
  10. From elsewhere on this forum (there's two threads running!)

    Of course it's not a resigning issue, after all it's only murderers, rapists and the like he's allowed to stay in this country.

    What's the betting they all qualify for nationalisation as well, plus housing benefits and all the trimmings!

    How can this be anything but a resignation issue for goodness sake? It makes the NHS look positively healthy!

    Anyone know the 1,023 days of Christmas?

    On the nth day of Christmas Charles Clarke he let go free:
    3 murderers
    9 rapists
    5 convicted of sex offences on children
    7 convicted of other sex offences
    57 convicted for violent offences
    2 manslaughter
    41 burglars
    20 drug importers
    54 convicted of assault
    27 convicted of indecent assault
    and government that looked weak and shaky!
  11. Quote on BBC:

    Former Home Secretary David Blunkett called the problems "astonishing". "My view is that heads should roll," he said.

    If this all happened between February 1999 and March 2006, it seems probable that most disappearances occured on his watch!!! He's a fine one to talk! Too much trouble deciding which eye to turn. But of course, he was more interested in 'Spectating'. :wink:
  12. That's the most outlandish thing you've said
  13. It would appear that this has been going on for at least six years. The Government found out about this last August and since they have found out they have let a further 288 people that should have been deported are now lose in Britain. After all this Clarke still reckons it has nothing to do with him and he is not going to resign. As he has been in charge since last August and has still not stopped this happening then just who is to blame.
  14. Its not just Clarke. This is just another example of how bad this lot are. If this had been the Tories in goverment the BBC would have made mincemeat out of them.

    I think we need to have a general election sooner rather than later. This can not go on.