Foreign Beggars/Buskers etc.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Every time I take a walk through the town centre (in fact almost any town centre) my ears are assaulted by Rumanian accordionists who think that wearing a woolly hat and playing crap music means that I should give them money.

    Obviously I give them nothing, but shortly after I walk past I'm then accosted by more Eastern Europeans attempting to sell me roses!

    After a quick shake of the head and a side step or two, I go round the corner only to be met by more woolly hatted beggars sitting holding a cardboard sign asking me to give them money.

    I'm getting thoroughly sick of this, but have no real idea of how to avoid it. I have however thought of having t-shirts made up with 'Go back home and beg there instead' printed on them in Rumanian.

    I'm sure I'm not the only ARRSEr who's getting frustrated by this, and I'm sure you'll have some better suggestion as to a solution (not necessarily a 'final solution' but I'm not fussy!)

    Any ideas?

  2. Well, the gap has opened up in the market for them as most of the Scottish tramps seem to be down here.

    I don't really care for accordion music but I'm pleased to see that they do something for the money, and more pleased still that they have taken up my idea that there is no need for both buskers AND tramps. The roles should be combined. Tramps should all be taught to play guitars etc. I don't know where they'd store them but that's just details.
  3. Zyklon B?
  4. It's the same in London mate. Outside every f*cking station there's some bloody foreigner singing "Ah'm no awa' tae bide awa'!" and "Floo-ero' Scotlin" and that age old favourite "Huv-ye-goat-fiftypee....furra-wee-cup-o-tea....Jim"?
  5. Could you add sub-titles please?
  6. I find that none of the cnuts can play the theme tune from Capt I give them fcukall.
  7. A tried and tested method that will have no R&D costs good thinking.
  8. Durham City is very small but the feckers are everywhere. They cant even say Big Issue in english.
  9. Buy a load of minatures, drink them, refill them with piss, let them reach room temp. and drop them in the unsuspecting busker's collection hat/cup whatever. With most you'll get to see the reaction because they won't wait to grab a wee dram... Result... :D
  10. Sweaties have been begging from me for the last 20 years and its always been a fiver for a cup-o-tee.

    How come you dont get any sheep shagging, leek eating beggars???
  11. Durham, just strolled through yesterday.
    In Barbados, I enjoy the sound of a steel band, in Durham there used to be a guy on the bridge playing the Northumbrian pipes, atmospheric.
    Now we've got a couple of east europeans at each end of the centre playing muzak on their f****** accordians and some bag of rags in the middle screaming "BEEEEEEG EEEEESUE"
    Welcome to a World Heritage Site.
  12. Universal now. Try walking around Barcelona centre without tripping over someone asking for cash. Metro's the same.
    Till they understand that we aren't going to give 'em cash they won't stop. That's the only way. I feel bad about those who really need it, but the others have spoiled it now, I don't give money anymore.
  13. Because the Welsh eat them before they can cross the border.
  14. I was on the London Underground with one of my mates when some Romanian type gypsy woman came on the carriage, clutching a bundle of sh1tty rags containing her foul offspring. She offered commuters a piece of paper with something written on it. When it came to our turn, my mate took the proffered scrap which read something along the lines of " Please help me. I Don't speak English and i need money to take home to my fat tosser of a husband who is doing feck all while i am begging with my shite smelling baby to help fund my mansion". Well, not in so many words but you get the idea.

    My friend pulled out a pen and wrote on the back of it "Fcuk off you ugly, sponging gyppo slag and take that shithouse of a child with you. The only thing i'm going to give you is a kick up your fcuking hoop". Couldn't speak English? She could certainly read it judging by her reaction. Needless to say she got off at the next stop and while on the platform, gave us the finger.
  15. Its the foriegn big issue sellers that wind me up, coming over here taking our jobs/houses.