Foreign army medals on British uniform

Discussion in 'Medals' started by vader40, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Just made the move from Aus army to British army, just wondering what the policy is regarding foreign medals being worn in British uniform.
  2. Aus medals can be worn, but must be cork mounted and hung upside down!
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  3. Haha yeah no worries, see how that goes down at ITC!
  4. Queen's head on them so I can't see why not.
  5. Australian Army medals can indeed (and must) be worn (if entitled to them), otherwise you shall be incorrectly dressed. The only difference is that when/if you are awarded a British Army medal these will go in front of your Australian ones (to the right hand side as you look down).

    Pretty much exactly what happens to UK soldiers transferring to the Oz army: Oz medals are then mounted in front of the UK ones.
  6. Ah nice, cheers for that mate!
  7. JSP 761:

    Shot answer: Yes, as long as they are campaign or gallantry medals. The Australian Defence Medal, for example, would not be allowed to be worn. They should be worn in the order awarded.
  8. This answer not understood, unless this means that an Australian soldier who leaves and joins the British Army, and had been awarded the Australian Defence Force Service Medal, or the National Medal, or the DFSM, or RFD or RFM, or even the old EM or ED or even (just as a hypothetical) the LS &GCM or MSM that has Australia on it, he could not wear them in British army uniform how odd!

    The same would apply for medals in the Order of Australia (which are not campaign or gallantry awards) or the Federation Medal, or the medal now awarded to some for humane assistance, (forgot what it is named, but it does exist) cant understand that, all those medals are approved by the Sovereign (The Queen of Australia) before they are announced, so surely the ADM could also be worn, would like to see an authority for the statement that it could not be worn.

  9. Woohoo...this opens up a whole new market place for my walting purchases on Ebay!!
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  10. Correct. CO 4 KORBR back in the early 90's was an ex-Digger and I'm pretty sure just wore his Vietnam Medal with his Brit ones. Top bloke.
  11. It is an interesting state of affairs. As I understand it, the FCO is the responsible Government Department when it comes to the rules on Foreign Awards and sets policy accordingly.

    The way I read the JSP, it allows Commonwealth soldiers to wear previously awarded campaign and gallantry medals, but if there is a case to be made for the wearing of the other awards you mention it should be made to DS Sec Hons for approval.

    Individual interpretations may vary, of course :)
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  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    FFS. Alan Partridge has given you the definitive answer. Forward your request via the chain of command. As well as telling you what you may wear (all of them) you will be told in what order to wear them in relation to any UK medals you may later earn.

    Pace was AP suggests a friend of mine recently asked and was granted permission to wear the Australian Defence Medal which was a back dated award a long time after he left the Oz army.
  13. watched a documentry about him recently, proper bloke and no mistake.

    Hat, coat and gloves off to Mr Jolly, I think.

    anyway, back on topic & an Urban myth alert as well. Anyone else heard a tale about a soldier who asked permission to wear his grandads medal on his ginger drinking suit for Rememberance Sunday and was told "yes you may". He prmoptly turned up sporting an Iron Cross.....
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Although I believe at least one member of the British Army (RTR I think) was given permission to wear that medal in the Sixties.