Foreign Armed Police For 2012 Olympics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_rat, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. There is something here that doesn't quite fit.................

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  2. Look here Armed Police

  3. Hey, why not just arm all our own police. Oh yes our bobbies don't want that do they so lets put out some misinformation about jonny foreigner standing around with submachine guns and the rabble will soon be clamouring to have all our guys and girls with H&Ks'

    Edited for being a cynical bastard

    Bolox i wrote barsteward
  4. Nah, they'll just get the Forces to cover the gap...
  5. Personally, I haven't got a problem with having German police,for example, armed for the Olympics. What's the problem? They're professional and don't take shit.

    However, having had a Spam copper pull his (readied) sidearm on me whilst in Virginia Beach in 2004, I do not want American police AT ALL. They're dangerous and ill trained.
  6. You mean theyve had some form of training, I thought they were given a gun when they graduate.........just like police academy :wink:
    After spending over 11 years in germany on and off I have no problems with German police over here for the olympics very proffessional.
  7. We probably won't be able to do this as they will be in some other God-forsaken s##thole doing the dirty work for the Gubmint of the day or so seriously undermanned, that they'll be using PCSOs armed with a stick and some nasty words.
  8. I don't mind either, particularly if they look like this.

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  9. wouldn't using the forces help to 'UP' public view on them?

    people say that the forces not being a 'visual' part of civie life doesnt help the 'get more support for troops' campaign, so seeing them helping the public and lost french people to find the way to the place where they show off the losing team 'all britons this way' couldn't do any damage...

    maybe if there is any top brass arrse users in here could put it to the even topper brass of the military? 8)
  10. Good thing is that they dont need body armour, they can platt enough under arm hair for a protected shield :wink:
  11. Matelot what did you do to have said officer pull said sidearm on you???
  12. Speaking in a funny accent in a built up area during the hours of daylight?

    I can almost hear the American copper on his radio:-

    If we need more armed police surely they can be trained up in time if we start now? More seriously, are there enough police in the UK to police the olympics while providing acceptable cover for the rest of the country? The police seem thinly stretched as it is.
  13. Surely we have enough time to train more before 2012?
  14. That is a typical Met. frightener: they are having a rattle of the collection tin.

    Big questions surround the funding of the whole thing and the security costs are another big black hole waiting to be filled up with ££££££££.

    Sir Ian just does not want to have to do that out of his budgets.
  15. Unless of course he was being a dumbshit tourist...... in which case I would say the officers discipline was superb. I spose you would have the time to train more armed officers by 2012, however you folks seem to be quite scared of guns, but your a different culture.