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I intend on beginning my application process in 2013 im from South Africa i have one query which i have unable to resolve via search, i understand that the Visa is my own responsibility, in my position the only option to me is the visitors visa which if i am not mistaken is valid for a period of up to 6 months. My concern is that for the visa application you need to provide details of your visit such as what i intend on doing in the uk, provide itinerary of "activities" and state when i plan on returning home... im pretty sure i cannot state that i plan on joining the British army and have no intention of leaving?? or can i ?? ive been through all guidance for commonwealth nationals and this is the only thing that is unclear to me... Can anyone shed some light on this matter??
your link "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms." trust me ive searched and i cannot find any definitive answers to my questions. Lock the post fine, but if i missed something please link me too it.

There's plenty of advice on the site, you just need to get off your arrse and look for it.

By the way - we're full.
figured id get this type of response, ill stick with the careers office they're at least willing to help.
you can't work Arrse out, and you want to be a rough tough fighting boot?
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