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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GreenSlime, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. As we are going to the same local sh1thole camp we went to a couple of years ago (a recurring theme with my mob) I was wondering - what's the longest your unit has gone without a foreign Annual Camp?

    Don't include Op tours please......

    I'll start the ball rolling:

    1991 (Belgium) - 18 years (and counting) :x
  2. QOY are doing BATUS and Kenya this year, we also did S Africa a short while back. you're in the wrong lot.
  3. Belgium 1999
    Canada 2000
    Denmark 2001
    Romania 2002
    Poland 2008

    And to beat them all South of France July 2009

    By the way my unit is going to be looking fo troops this year as we have a fair few on Ops this year...anyone interested...? :wink:

    think the trawl will be soon...better if you are in the 2 DIV area... :D
  4. 2006 - Cyprus and Gib
    2007 - USA
    2008 - USA
    2009 - BATUS and Kenya

    Fcuking love the travel!
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    2008 Options of camps/exchanges/competitions to USA, Normandy, Czech Republic, Germany ...oh, and Arnhem for the weekend.
    2007 See above
    2006 See above

    Previous years have been variations of the above, plus various exchange jollies to France, Belgium, Canada, Holland, Ukraine....

    Oh, and we have done some UK stuff as well.
  6. I'm starting to get the feeling that every other TA unit is getting all these foreign camps because my mob have booked every local training area for the next 100 years.............
  7. my mob is doing germany this year, rumour was cyprus but no such luck
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Well, if you will be greedy :D

    Besides, the main battle camp for us is STANTA this year (with R&R in Arnhem).

    Foreign jollies are OK, but sometimes you get more guaranteed range time in the UK, avoiding the delights of the RAF and delayed freight.
  9. Never had an annual camp abroad in 18 years.
    The joys of 2 Signal Bde.
  10. 2001 Ukraine
    2002 Cyprus
    2003 Cyprus
    2004 Georgia
    2006 france
    2008 Romania
    2009 USA
  11. bugger, they tempted me into 2 NC bde with hot chicks, foreign travel and stuff :D

    I hate it at our RTC weekends when the rifles etc bang on about kenya this year! Oh well sunny grantham for 2 weeks for me then as im not eligible for annual camp yet :)
  12. I don't think 202 Bty got much further than Benbecula. :( Before my time.

    6 Regt is tied into developing capability around the AH so that means Wattisham, MW or an occasional MRX in the UK.

    That said, we've had chaps out supporting 1, 7 & 9 Regt AAC in Germany & Poland and it is really just a question of asking the right grown-ups at the right moment. I have my eye on trips to Arizona or France.

    "Heli-handling instructors for hire. Will work for beer...."
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Unlucky ;)
  15. in ta r signals in 2bde going to falkands for camp sept to nov 09