Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Norfolknchance, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Sorry, don't know the accurate statistics on the amount of money which is actually designated for "foreign aid" by this gobment but if it's in the region of £50M, WTF can't it be given to all the good causes in this fine country?

    Just watching on the box this morning that the Mountain Rescue service is supported entirely by voluntary contributions as is the RNLI. Why do we therefore give a shed-load of cash to the likes of India?

    I'm quite sure readers will come back at this with either total contempt or more accurate stats than I can provide.

    Just makes my O Pos boil when you and me have to dig deep for some services which with a bit of common could be sorted by being a bit more insular.

    Don't get me started on these b(w)ankers bonuses!!! Just don't, yet!
  2. what is especially irritating is that india, despite having enough of its own money to run its own nuclear arms programme, still gets a sub from me....
  3. When can we apply for Foreign Aid from other nations? We're almost a 3rd world country now.
  4. Don't be silly. If we stopped giving aid, we'd no longer be seen as prosperous and therefore not a country worth coming to.
  5. That's a relief. That only works out at about £3000 per employed elector.
  6. in a bid to send norfolknchance's bp even higher...

    Read this and if you know anyone who reads Private Eye, go through the last six or seven issues. It stinks beyond many other headlines that HMG generates.

    (granted the link is from 2008, but situation is well detailed, and if anything is worse now then in 2008)

    Staggering the monies that are being paid to "directors" of CDC, who are using public money in this way. Have no problem with emergency relief (Haiti is a good example), but many of the developing country projects are little more than UK PLC investing taxpayers money at virtually no benefit to the UK taxpayer, and (if that's sounds a little cynical) many of the projects (see Private Eye) are white elephants to say the least.
  7. Re the RNLI,
    IIRC it was mentioned here a while ago,that they get more money from the public than the Gobment would give them?
  8. And that they don't particularly want to become a publicly-funded organisation due to the red tape, micromanagement and political correctness that comes with it...
  9. Thankyou ABrighter2006, just what I need to get through the day (and the rest of this year!) NOT! My initial estimate of £50M was a wee bit wrong then, £7.8 Billion coming up soon - goody.

    Fukk me Puttees, the answer has been staring us in the face all along. Since we'd be a country not worth coming to, let's suspend all aid outside our own borders (I'd make an exception for the poor people of Haiti) and see how many want to come to this land of milk and honey.

  10. Because international aid secures the safety and security of foreign nations, some of which sit ideally located to access natural resources and ultimately it's cheaper to buy the resources than it is to take them.

    Just a thought. I mean, there is the moral side of it as well, but altruism doesn't read so well in the Daily Mail, does it?

    Any other cutting edge issues you'd like to bring up? Maybe you could write an expose on Poll tax?
  11. Right. So it's misrepresentation and bribery. That's OK, then.
  12. Maybe some of that money could be re-directed into the military budget

    Do we actually get anything back from those countries we give money to, e.g better trade deals? Or is it about points?
  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. Well to be honest I'd be happier to know that we're getting something slightly more tangible than a warm fuzzy feeling inside back from all this money being pissed up the wall.