Foreign aid ( Balancing the cost ? )

Intresting idea but it won't happen :roll:


Building National Economic Self-Reliance
Foreign Aid: Principles and Purpose

Some say that Britain should cancel its Foreign Aid budget altogether and not bother sending money to countries with a long record of political and economic failure.

Further, there is opposition to the idea that these countries are getting "handouts" and we get nothing in return, but higher tax bills.

Others resent some of the subtle implications that we, in the developed world, should somehow feel guilty for living in societies which are successful enough to feed, water and house their peoples -- as if this was a lucky quirk of fate or the result of "exploitation", rather than the consequences of hundreds of years of our ancestors hard labour, organisation and invention.


"Foreign Aid money goes to dictators and is wasted"
It is true that Foreign Aid has encouraged misrule and conflict in the past, but that does not mean that Foreign Aid, per se, is wrong, only that it has been mis-applied.
Reminds me of the other meaning for Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting abriviation - CHOGM Cash Handed Out to Greedy Men!

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