Fordson 4D Lorry....

Was not sure whether or not to put this in the QM forum, but this Lorry looks OLLLLDDDDD.

As above, a Fordson 4D, recently come in to the possession of my neighbour - its a true "fixer upper". Its many paint layers has at least one that looks like a 40's / 50's army paint job, so my questions are....

Has the Military ever used the Fordson 4D? If so, when, and would I be able to trace the lineage of this particular lorry given the Reg No it is currently wearing, with somewhere in the MOD?

If not, not to worry, but it would be nice to get a result on what it used to do.

Thanks in anticipation.
You could try contacting the RLC museum with the chassis number. They got all the documents from the museum of army transport when it closed

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