Ford Puma

Feedback---They're arrse but not as bad as the Tigra.

That said "purficly" suitable for a woman
Perfecto chick mobile.
If you want one, get a 1.7.  They got awesome reviews for being a top drive, and beat a load of other coupes in the What Car review thingy when they first arrived.
Have a mate who has one and she reckons it's great.

....that said, it is a Ford....


..and, don't tell me, you just happen to know someone with a really nice Audi TT for sale.  "Suits you Madam, oh yes...."

I see you more of a soft-top type o' gal.
Or perhaps a piece of Italian exotica....

(Reliant Robin)
Thanks Doggy - good to know.

Sinner - take that back.  I am not a hairdresser!   Unless it was a midnight blue convertible DB7.... grrr.. one of my neighbours has one and she has the same first name as me - which is also all she has on her personalised number plate.... so unfair.

Lottery-win permitting, I'd also have a Sunbeam Tiger.

Back in the real world, a Puma appeals even if it is a Ford.  I lquite ike the MGFs too but convertibles are targets for vandals in London.  Or else a BMW coupe.

It may be my last chance to have a fun car before needing to buy something to fill with offspring (oh no, I'm gonna get creased by sinner for that!!!!).

..... just let me know if it's going to be a boy or a girl, so that I know if I'm going to be an aunt or an uncle.

Err, does the muscled-one know your measuring up cars-for-kids?  

Even sinner-silence can be bought!

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