Ford open prison riots

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taffnp, Jan 1, 2011.

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  2. Makes you all nostalgic for the 80's/90's doesn't it?
  3. Two thread - same subject. This one two minutes after the one in the Int Cell.

    So what? I say.

    Criminals are criminals.

    Let the filth sleep in trenches - dug by themselves - let the filth pretend that they are brave soldiers on exercise in Northern Germany.

    Then make them re-build the place; brick by brick; plumbing by plumbing; electrical bit by electrical bit. When that all falls down - whip them publicly, and make then: make them start again.

    When the place has been 're-built' tell the filth that all sentences have been DOUBLED. Doubled from the day the place was re-built.

    I bet this pusillanimous government moves them all into warm places with hot meals and televison and visits from their 'loved ones'.
  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Wait until they sue the Govt (at our expense) for their lost kit and PTSD. Later Govt will ask the press in to see prestigious replacement gym, snooker hall etc.

    No, of course the Home Sec will not resign - remember Michael Howard and his greasy, sick-making 'It is an operational matter.'

    Seaweed foams at mouth and is shot with tranquilliser dart.
  6. Should have just kept them there and told them "hope it does not rain for you".
  7. Prisoners rioting? Hose the feckers down... and keep on hosing until they stop the mucking about.

    Towers in each corner of the camp, GPMG in each one, a few buckets full of 50/50 belt.... Should just about sort out the hosing.... survivours, if any get to rebuild the place.
  9. There seem to be two problems.

    Firstly, open prisons like Ford are being used to hold violent, premium grade criminals instead of the corrupt judges and flashing vicars that they were designed for. This is due to overcrowding in more secure prisons. IIRC, a convicted killer escapes from Ford, on average, once every 12 weeks.

    Secondly, security is non existent. The booze problem is not being caused by home brew hooch or cans of Special Brew being chucked over the wall. There is no wall! The lags simply walk out of the prison to the nearest off licence, buy several bottles of spirits with cash they shouldn't have and walk back into prison without being searched.

    We're nearly a year into a Tory government. Why is this still happening?
  10. AM,
    I imagine it's still happening as the govt. haven't worked out how to get them released early but appearing to be tough on crime as they said they'd build more prisons and have stiffer sentences. Ken Clarke will be planning of privatising prisons and shutting a few down.
  11. Looks like prison overcrowding is a major issue. Prisons should be designed to punish the inmates so they won't wish to return. Not sit around at the taxpayers expense.
  12. Why don't we have our own Alcatraz in the Channel. Flatholm would do. Call it Limbo island and it could cater for all the illegal immigrants too. Those who have no passport so can't be deported could live on the aptly named Limbo island. Don't need guards, just a patrol boat which is allowed to fire at anything leaving. Food is sent in as and when the inmates relatives buy it, like a leper colony.
  13. That woman is the chief inspector of prisons??

    My bold: so it doesn't matter what they've done, how much of a threat to society they are, if they're abused, a nutcase or just a woman who isn't violent then they shouldn't be locked up? Why hasn't this daft bint been replaced yet?

    Notice none of the four tests of a healthy prison as she defines them in that article are concerned with levels of inmate violence, risk to staff or number of escapes. Nope, as long as the little darlings feel secure and have their human rights respected it's all good.
  14. Chief inspectors of prisons have all been barking or the ones i've had anything to do with. We had mentally ill prisoners locked up for weeks on end as they were too dangerous to unlock. It was a pig of a job getting them sectioned off. You can't force them to have medication in prison so they continue to be mad for months on end.