Ford Fiesta N 95 Radiator

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by carlbcfc, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. My little brother just had his first bumb, right in front of the old bill too.

    He said he has been quoted £95.

    Now I reckon you could get a new engine for that price, or even replace the whole car.

    Is that the going rate for a 95 Fiesta rad these days or is someone having him on?
  2. Go to a scrappy plenty of them about and fix it yourself would imagine about £30 tops for a raidator might be a bit cold fitting it in this weather if you can do it yourself which is pretty easy
  3. Cheers lads. Just wondering if any mk 3 rad would fit? Seen one for £18 on autotrader parts, and they are guarenteed.

    My cousin who is a mechanic (female) says scrap it, but then she could only get the radiator for £95.

    She also mentioned she would struggle attach the bumber to the body as its bent in a little?

    Surely this can be a cheap fix? he hit a fence at about 8mph.

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  4. could pull it straight using another post, attaching a tow rope, reversing slowly.

    Is the bonnet single skinned? bang it out with a hammer with a swirly head (shrinks the metal) as for the rad, scrappy or ebay
  5. Tomo Ford can be worth a stab for bits. They like cash and will do a deal sometimes...

    Tono Ford linky
  6. Are the radiators universal? Not a clue you see
  7. what car is it specifically?
  8. Some rads will be shared by other engines, but they are not generally universal, just make sure the mounts and pipes are in the same location.

    Go to Ford with engine size/type, reg no. and chassis no; they should be able to tell you the rad type and model. While there check the price of a rad from them if you haven’t, and price of bonnet, bumper parts, Ford can be stupidly cheap on some parts!
  9. DVLA says this:

    Date of First Registration 15 11 1995
    Year of Manufacture 1995
    Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1391CC
    CO2 Emissions Not Available
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Export Marker Not Applicable
    Vehicle Status Licence Not Due
    Vehicle Colour BLUE

    My brother seems to think its a Ghia body, with a Zetec engine. Some king of hybrid ford done as it was one of the last before the crossover to mk 4. Me?....not a clue.
  10. Cheers. Speaking to my mother, I reckon it is a 1.4 Ghia, as that is what the log book says apparently.
  11. although email that fella on ebay withe the chassis number/engine code to make sure 100%
  12. It's a 1.4 CVH 8v engine, with CAT, I would assume, should be enough info to narrow down which rad.