Forcing an Ext HDD onto a drive letter

Alright lads,

Look time viewer of the site, especially Meridian's offerings and have decided to get an account.

Anyway, was wondering if i could get some help of advice on an annoying problem with itunes and my laptop.

I have stored the majority of my music and films on two seperate external hard drives and now they have changed their drive letter in My Computer. Eg. What started as G: is now H:

Whenever I sync my ipod on my laptop with these devices attached it states that the music and movies cannot be found.

What I am tring to find out is if there is anyway that i can force the drives back to their original letters that were designated when i first used them.

I would appreciate any help in rectifying this.


Right click my computer. Select Manage.

Goto storage -> disk management.

You'll see an array of disks, including CD/DVD drives, and logical disks. You should be able to find your external drive in the list.

Right click on the drive and select "change drive letter or path"

finally, click the change, or add a path.


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