uk Party in Birmingham 100 single girls

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by forcespenpalsdotcodotuk, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. You wouldn't think we had to beg to get more men at a party full of single women who prefer guys in the forces. But here we are. are having a party in Birmingham on April 19th with all profits going to the Help for Heroes charity. There is a James Bond theme with casino, buffet and disco.

    Perhaps because most of our male users are deployed we can't seem to get enough men there! At the moment it's 95% single women!!

    Come on lads. Beer, casino, daft fancy dress/dinner jacket and lots and lots of single women. Its a no brainer!

    Go to the website at for more info and to buy your tickets.
  2. good luck
  3. Security nightmare :roll:
  4. I have to say thought that there are fcuking tonnes of slappers on that website.

    Err, so my oppo tells me..... :oops:
  5. Can your [cough]mate[/uncough] lend me his username and password shippers? :D
  6. tonnes per slapper?
  7. My,err, mate says do one!

    When I,err, my oppo, registered, I,err, he had 2 women contact him within 30 minutes of registering and one was so generous she even offered to let 'him' share her bed that very evening. He didn't though as she had bunny boiler tendencies.

    I think it's safe to say that any singlie guys going to that WILL get a shag no matter what they look like and it's for a good cause. I'd go if it weren't for the fact I KNOW that a couple of bunny boilers who I,err, my mate strung along are going...


    There are more than a couple of very nice wimmin on there-I'm supposed to be meeting two different ones this week from there (balls, I mean my mate is... ;) )
  8. Yo.. errrr your mate does indeed find himself in a quandry matey... :)

    Anyway , I have no need of such things, and besides which I'm reliably informed a red stilletto in the clockweights will hurt :(
  9. Go there, enjoy what is better than a room full of girls gagging for a squaddie. False names are us LOL
  10. That must be the same 100 single girls that were nurses and were always invited to the mess / summer/ christmas balls and never turned up? :D
  11. I do remember when real (yes, real ones!) nurses showed up to a do at Chicksands when I was there. Unfortunately, they were fcuking rats and all over the age of 40.

  12. So!!! it would have unpolite not to shag them :wink:
  13. I do hope that you're not implying that I tried it on with any of them! I was happily with my ex at the time so wasn't interested however an oppo of mine had no qualms about improving Navy/NHS relations...
  14. Should be a real "waltfest". Will anyone be checking ID cards?
  15. Are complimentary blowjobs part of the package - if so count me in