Charity Party NEED MORE MEN!

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by forcespenpalsdotcodotuk, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the launch of, we are organising a charity party on 1st November at HMS Belfast, with all profits going to the Help for Heroes charity.

    This is a fantastic venue in the centre of London and revellers will be treated to a hot/cold buffet, singers and disco and the museum is open most of the evening for people to wander around (it's not as boring as it sounds honest!). The Union Jack Club is not far away so cheap accommodation for armed forces personnel is also available.

    We have also organised free entry into the Casino at the Empire in Leicester Square for those that want to continue the fun after HMS Belfast shuts at 1AM. It has bars and restaurants aswell as a casino and is open until 6AM. Check out the website here

    The last event in Birmingham was amazing and plans are for this to be three times bigger and better! As with the last party in Birmingham, most of the tickets so far have been bought by ladies, so if you missed out on the last event - where there were 10 girls to every guy! - then don’t miss this one!

    Book your tickets now at the following link:-
  2. Drat! And here I am in St Louis. :twisted:
  3. one of my 'mates' is going she has a beard most men would be proud of..........
  4. 10 fat wimmin just for me? Weh-heh!
  5. they all need a bit of lovin
  6. with a shovel!
  7. You not going then, mate ?? :wink:
  8. Mornin' Saints.....shit the bed?!?!?! It's tempting! :)
  9. Down 'ere in the sunny SW, we tend to get up early for feeding the livestock and such, oooooaaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!!

  10. I take it thats a west country euphamism? :wink:
  11. "feeding the donkey" eh?? ;)

    Choking the chicken? :)
  12. Hahahahahaha....................................................CUNT :wink:
  13. If that's your idea of courtship I'd not be surprised if you are single! :D
  14. or an ex green jacket lol
  15. I spent a lot of time with the Jackets.....they taught me everything I know :)