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What a load of shit, I joined at 15 and the two years I spent as a boy soldier were some of the most educationally and physically demanding of my life, but great fun, a drugged up15 year old African running around the jungle with an AK47 is a far cry from the discipline of the Junior Leader Regiment
I'm forced to agree with you. It's a load of hippy anti army propaganda
As a former 15 year old boy Soldier from the JIB at Shornecliffe, I can say, anything other than your description of our activities in those days is nonesense. If you google the address on google maps, it's a radical bookshop in Islington called Housmans. They seem to be confusing the British Armies treatment and use of young people under the age of 18 years of age joining it's ranks with those of tin pot dictatorships.
I agree 100% with Tropper. I too joined at 15 as a Junior Bleeder and it really did 'make a man of me'.

As I wrote some time ago:
While with the AAJLR I learnt many useful things, like how to Blanco ’37 pattern webbing, how to ‘bull’ boots so that you could, literally, use them as mirrors, shine brasses and buttons, polish brown plimsolls black, report sick with the most minor ailments, fall off rocks into the sea, fall into marshes on top of mountains, swear properly, lie with a straight face, lots of extremely rude songs and to do without women for weeks at a time! To be honest I also learnt self-reliance, discipline, camaraderie and sheer bloody-mindedness!
Utter Bullshit these hippies claim quote: "The military fails to properly inform potential recruits of the risks, difficulties and legal obligations of an armed forces career."

Well speaking as someone who came through and passed ADSC a few days ago I feel I can openly dispute all of that.

In terms of informing us of the risks one of the NCO's said to us during a lecture "some of you will be coming home in boxes and more of you wounded that's just the way it is" how much more clearer can you make it.

And there were also entire lectures dedicated to the legal obligations in terms of pay, length of service, leaving the forces etc.

I know I'm preaching to the converted but it really irritates me when a bunch of lefties take it upon themselves to decide what best for other people.
The thought that young people including teenagers might actually want to enlist just cannot penetrate that bubble that they live in.
I know this is the NAAFI..... But...

They raise some decent enough points in amongst the dribble. A military in an open, democratic society needs a bit of criticism, and really should welcome the opportunity to respond to it.

Yes, I know how many joined at 16, and it made a man of em, etc- however- in today's climate, with numbers being chopped from line bns left right and chelsea- would you rather a young thruster who joined fully knowing all the risks and implications, and game to serve anyway, or some silly cunt who joins on a whim, and then turns round on pre- deployment and claims to be a consciencious objector cause they 'didn't realise they'd have to fight.?' I know who I'd rather have in a platoon. A bit of healthy criticism isn't a bad thing. I don't agree with all, nay most of their opinions, however they're doing the forces in general a favour.

But this is the NAAFI-so smash one up her hoop, give a false name and wipe your cock on her curtains on the way out.
The military fails to properly inform potential recruits of the risks, difficulties and legal obligations of an armed forces career.
Fuck me, it's the armed forces, not sunday school, what do you think it involves?

What's the matter with these people, have they run out of trees to hug?

bunch of leftie fucking spastic cunts.


all fucking hippie cunts must fucking hang.

what's orange and yellow and looks good on a hippie?

Utter Bullshit these hippies claim quote: "The military fails to properly inform potential recruits of the risks, difficulties and legal obligations of an armed forces career."
Eh? All you have to do is watch the fucking news! And then you can see for yourself the risks and difficulties we face. And if that's not enough, there is a subtle clue in the job title... Soldier!

Shit in a whore's mouth for a tenner. Fanny fart. Shit. Bollocks.
Hippies preaching to hippies, "Yawn" we will always win as we can beat them up at the end of the day.

The way I see it their website is a bunch private individuals exercising their freedom of speech, that was bestowed upon them by the magical freedom fairy, that flew down from the crystal castle and waved her magic wand and the kings and dictators of the world realised the error of their ways and made all the people free.

Or was it a bunch of rough men with weapons and a serious problem about the way things are? I always get those two mixed up.
There's another name on there which some of you might recognise - Ken Lukowiak.

The website does contain a load of balls, though. The 'white poppy' stuff gets trotted out, even though its inventors - the Peace Pledge Union in the 1930s - included pro-Nazis.

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