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I'm a journalist at Channel 4 News, looking at the Armed Forces bill, specifically at campaigners trying to get the minimum age someone can register with the Forces up from 16 to 18. We've got a lot of facts and figures about how those who sign up before they're 18 fare in the Forces, but need some testimony.
If anyone is interested in giving me their two cents' worth, do get in contact.

If you want your identity protected, that is not a problem. ...
Just out of interest - have you cleared this with the Mods? As a "responsible" journalist you do know that anyone still serving needs permission from their Chain of Command to tell their story - even with your promised anonimity?

Can we have a copy in the Naafi bar for more entertaining responses
I suggest you look in on the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion website - most of the old buggers on there joined at 14 or 15 back in the 1950s and '60s and saw their first combat at 17 - I'm sure they'll be delighted to answer your questions on the subject.
In the 50,s and 60,s Apprentice trade wings and schools had an entry age of 14 and we were considered to be the future of the british army, my squad had 13 members when I joined in may 1959, of which 4 ended up as officers,5 as senior warrant officers what the other 3 got up to I lost track of and as for me , just your average junior nco, up and down like a yoyo but always doing a good job,as a starry eyed 17 year old to be posted to teeny weeny airways at wallop was the icing on the cake!!wall to wall lovely ladies, a club above the cookhouse to rival Stringfellows, and the chance to get in plenty of bukshee hours cabbying in fixed wing airtaxi,s(Beavers of 6th Flight) by the time I was 21 had seen service in aden, singapore, Labuan,and thailand, in the bad old days you really could join the army and see the World!!

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