Forces told repairs to shoddy housing must wait

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Forces told repairs to shoddy housing must wait to help pay for Afghan war
    Last updated at 10:01 PM on 19th December 2009
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    Welcome home: Carterton Barracks, Oxfordshire, in 2007
    Army families may be stuck in sub-standard living quarters for much longer than expected in order to pay for the war in Afghanistan, according to Britain's most senior soldier.
    The disclosure was made in a private letter from the head of the Army, General Sir David Richards, to commanders and senior civil servants.
    As 9,500 British troops spend Christmas on the Afghan frontline, senior defence sources conceded that spending on operations in Afghanistan would mean a ten per cent cut in capital building programmes.
    The news is in a document from the Army's Land Forces Command, dated December 15 - the day Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth announced £1.5billion of cutbacks aimed at reducing a huge deficit in the Ministry of Defence's budget.

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  2. Not unexpected to expect that cuts in the defence budget will not impact on other services is to be naive. I would have thought though that the provision of good single and married accommodation for an army who are at war by their country is not too much to ask. Especially so as we are told these few service personnel are essential for the safety of the country and are doing in this context all the hard lifting and taking the pain. Do we have any social justice or fairness left in this country it seems not. Money should be made available separate from the defence budget for this necessary upgrading of accommodation. Supporting our troops should not just mean welcome back parades, which are cheap, but real meaningful support.
  3. Serves them right for being married. PADs have it easy, never being grabbed for guard when someone didn't turn up, rarely being picked for xmas guard etc etc.
  4. Please tell me you are joking?
  5. Are you serious!?, Go forth and Multiply you Pillock.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    MOD has a problem. It has to find £1,500M to fund Afghanistan - from within its own budget (the price of a deal made to get money out of HMT for other stuff). This has to come from somewhere, and housing is one of the areas affected. This is what happens when you let the economy tank, as have the present government. It's their fault, pure and simple.

    Meanwhile, in the same week, at Copenhagen:

    Copenhagen climate summit: Brown pledges £1.5bn global warming aid to poor countries. The European Union has agreed a £6.5 billion three-year package to fast-track the response to global warming in the poorest countries, of which Gordon Brown has pledged to provide £1.5 billion, it has been announced.
    The Prime Minister upped the British figure at the last minute from £1.2 billion to £1.5 billion - the largest national share - to encourage bigger offers, particularly from Spain and Italy. The final figure was above the target for agreement at the Copenhagen climate summit. France and Germany pledged around £1.2 billion each over three years.

    Asked why the British contribution was the biggest, Mr Brown said: ''I think we have done the right thing. This offer is one of the ways we can get a global agreement at Copenhagen.''

    Not only have 'we' offered more money than Countries with better economies than ours (i.e. everyone in Europe) but he upped it by £300M at the last minute!

    So don't worry when your heating fails, the paper peels off the walls, and the damp in your pad starts to make your kids ill - you are contributing to helping Mr Mugabe buy a new Merc, as the ashtray is full on his last one, and he had to throw it away.
  7. This is not money for improvements, its suppose to be money to get housing from SUB STANDARD to STANDARD FFS
    If you leave substandard housing to rot then you have to pay more in the long run????
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So now your family's living in MQ's have to forgo repairs to pay for a war fought on cutbacks,mens lives & governmet incompetance!
  9. In the current climate we are all in nothing surprises me with this Government,

    As I've said before & its been debated well, we need a Government that will tackle our out of control welfare bill, the spongers that are fleecing the system, I'm fully aware the Armed Forces are one of many services effected but this is a pathetic joke,

    So now Pte J.Bloggs (pad) etc if he/she manages to survive Ops still has the joy of returning back home to a sub-standard housing while other housing sectors can live in moderately freely milking the system,

    I know their is housing programmes in place, some near completion depending of your location in the UK & some just starting a 2 year decante programme.
  10. What balls. If anything the complete opposite is the reality :roll:
  11. We spent £40,000 per household saving the banks so they can carry on handing out multi-million pound bonuses to their most high-flying gamblers. A respected survey found that if bank bonuses had been trimmed by 40% prior to the crach, the whole crisis could have been avoided. But we can't afford to bring single and married soldiers up to an acceptable standard (let's remember that is a standard that most councils wouldn't accept for their social housing)
  12. in my experience the married guys always got dicked at Xmas, and singlies had it free, no one used to complain about it, thats the way it was.
  13. It wouldn't be so bad if we actually had a chance of winning the war! I see that the met police are warning of a mumbai style attack in london early next year, are we not in afghanistan to stop this, or so the mp's tell us!
  14. I bet rent goes up this year though!!!
  15. Maybe we should start buying second homes and putting the bills in to the Parliment Fees Office?

    A new duck house and bell tower would really help my pad.