Forces to provide 7 thousand troops for Olymic Games security.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So now not only do our Armed Forces have to fight in Afghan as well as support deployments overseas but now we have to provide around SEVEN THOUSAND servicemen & women to provide security for the bloody Olympic games!!
    Where the hell does the MoD expect these numbers to come from!?

    According to the news,the MoD will announce the exact numbers later today...Leave ban anyone?

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  2. Great news, no budget for defence, but Seb Coe & Co want something and lo! it appears.
    I thought the Olympics weren't to be used as a platform to show military things, so no Red Arrows, Kings Troop etc as the IOC had deemed it to not being in keeping with the Olympic ethos or some such bol@cks
  3. That's what you're there for so stop howling.
  4. 7000? At least most of them will know each other after all the cutbacks! I wonder what hotels they will be sleeping/living in? Le hotel du drill hall? (probably very bad french I know and dont care!)
  5. Your getting the chance to big it up with hordes of impressionable foreign tourists. Embrace it! Personally I would be making business cards with my mobile number to hand out to the young ladies
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  6. On R4 this morning they were talking about 7000 for security - half regular and half TA. Security meaning, as far as I can tell, dressing up in civvies and doing scutwork. Then there'll be those who get to stag on in uniform and do their day job.

    My initial thought was - good luck with that. An extra 3.5 k out of the regs plus however many for purely military duties will be a squeeze what with HERRICK and all and no doubt the cause of much pain.

    An extra 3.5 k out of the TA will be a ****ing miracle, given that your pool of eligible volunteers could - depending on whose figures you believe - be as low as 15,000 over the entire UK. To date there has been no attempt to convince employers that this will be worthwhile and should they appeal - as is their right - in large numbers things could get very messy indeed. Not to mention those civvy firms that have already warned their staff off to cover the Olympics, the TA work for them too. And soldiers can appeal too. They volunteer for HERRICK as they see it as worth doing. A month of shifts doing a tedious, boring and shite job - not so much. Expectation management is the key here, and has been non-existent to date.

    I see two elephants currently being ignored: the first is the need to train soldiers up to avoid liability issues. Even the lowest paid "observe and report" security guard has a piece of paper and, what, a weeks training under their belt. If you're going to do such things as manage queues and search people then the training burden increases. It's not that you necessarily need it, it's just that Crown Immunity does not exist, litigious idiots do and Pte Scrote will get reamed in court when it turns out he was doing stuff the equivalent civvy would not have been allowed to.

    Then there's accommodation. To date if you don't live near enough to the venues to commute from home every day they've not been interested in you volunteering. Where 7000 people get put up, how they travel in and get fed are non-trivial problems.
  7. Kerching! ££££££££

    I can hear the sound of Gareth's queing outside their OC's door tonight as I type.
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  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I can't.

    I can hear loads of them saying "Stuff that. Why should I piss the boss off and put my pay rise/bonus at risk just to stag on a car park in the slum end of east London?"

    Don't get me wrong - the ultra keen students or unemployed may go for it, but many will give it the rodding off it richly deserves.
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  9. So that is the beach volleyball covered. What about the rest of the sportsdays?
  10. Do you work in O&D somewhere?

    This is exactly how this crock of shit will be fed to us but the reality will be stagging on in bronze/silver/gold CPs like a spare part in the Police's operation or stagging on in a car park being hidden away so the Govt don't need to admit their civvy security firms plan hasn't quite worked out.

    Unless of course you're in a unit that can actually aid the civil power in their op, in which case you'll be so thrashed that you won't have time to even look at the hot foriegners, let alone meet them for sex and cocktails.
  11. G4S majorly f'ked this one up, they overcommitted theirselves and now they realise this, they are going on a major recruitment drive. Thyey have already warned their staff off that the Olympics are a leave ban period and that the amount of overtime will be staggering. It's not as if they can waive the SIA licence for this period and employ any scrote as it's all work in the public eye and vetting especially CRB will be paramount due to this.
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Here's a link:
    London 2012 Olympics: Locog's Paul Deighton says budget is stretched to limit - Telegraph
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  13. Considering that LOCOG have just got a £40,000,000 bail out to help with the "cost of security", it looks like the taxpayer will be getting shafted once again. Of course, HMF will be getting paid by LOCOG, seeing as HMG have just given them the money to do it!!