Forces Tax Returns - eh?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fugly, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Can't (at the moment) find a link for this on the BBC website, however twice now on Breakfast News, it has been said that British Forces in Afghanistan may be hit with a fine because they can't get their tax return in because of poor internet access.

    Normally I believe everything that the lovely Susannah Ried says, however having never filled in a tax return in over 19 years because funnily enough the Army (and our 2 lesser services) have an plethora of departments to do it for me, why is this (apparent) bollocks spoiling my breakfast?
  2. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    If your only on PAYE it's highly unlikey you'll need to fill in a return unless HMRC sent you one.
    She may have been referirng to those who have other income from things like renting a house out..
    Enjoy your breakfast.
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Makes sense, thanks. If only Susannah had took the extra 10 seconds to mention it. Oh well, at least I can get back to mentally undressing her over my cornflakes, and various other comments that belong in the NAAFI Bar.
  4. Filling in a tax return is the responsibility of the individual, and cannot be done by his employer, who will not know all the information required. Several years ago I was required to fill in a tax return every year. I can't recall if it was hitting the higher rate tax bracket or receiving LSAP which was the trigger, but in those days, it was only th paper version, none of this online stuff. I never had any issues completing mine in time, and was incommunicado often and for quite some time. It is not a difficult task, and you have a ten month window in which to complete it, so being on ops for a fraction of that time is a lame excuse for not getting it in on time.
  5. HMRC say that it is not in their power to waive the £100 fine,and that an Act of Parliament would be required to change the law.However a HMRC spokesman says that if fined and it went to appeal HMRC would lose the case.
    Caveat Obviously that is only what the Beeb say,so pinch of salt required.

    Is Susannah still on at this time?
  6. As long as you talk to them and explain your situation they seem quite flexible, my SA return date has been postponed till March and mines a paper return (Should be in by Jan 14th).

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  7. Exactly, a ten month window! Apart from those that chose to do a 12 month tour there can't be any excuses. If an extension is granted, it would only push the problem right. Also, this only affects Officers, really? I'm going to stop doing a return in that case.
  8. Wouldn't TA chaps be affected? How o they do their taxs?
  9. They mentioned Majors and above as well as Warrant Officers stating that allowances might put them into the higher tax bracket and even if you don't have to pay extra you still have to submit a tax return or be fined £100 as the rules have changed this year. You have, according to the beeb, 30 days from issue to contest the fine.
  10. With the aid of an accountant?
  11. Good way to get people panicking. There is no need to fill in a tax return if you have one job and are on PAYE(like most people). There is no need to fill in a tax return if interest on a savings account is paid net by your bank. Your employer may not fill in a tax return but they do fill in a form each year (P35 for the total and P14 for individuals) saying how much tax and NI you have paid which is sufficient. It's only if you have income from renting houses, more than one job or a job and a pension, you have so much money the interest on your bank savings puts you into the higher tax bracket etc etc. So don't worry about filling in a tax return. HMRC can't cope with those who do fill one in, if everyone in the country started sending them in the system would be a bigger farce than it already is.
    HM Revenue & Customs: Do you need to complete a tax return?
  12. If in doubt - particularly those renting out houses it's best to employ a good local accountant/bookeeper.

    For the sake of about 150 quid (which was offset against tax anyway) you will also discover lots of other sundries that can be offset against tax too. Everything is also filed correctly with HMRC and that peace of mind when you are away is worth the money by itself.
  13. If it is on the PAYE signed by the MoD... it will be on there if neccesary. I thought the OA was tax free?
  14. What allowances?
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  15. Dunno. I don't work for the BBC neither am I an allowances guru. LSA maybe?